Caldiero Thermal Resorts


'Mens sana in corpore sano' wrote the Roman poet Juvenal.

This therapeutic role recognised to the thermal waters which spring from the earth, combined with the social and political components which were part of the moments dedicated to one's body care, belongs to the ancient Romans, who enjoyed the natural benefits of our area more than all the preceding populations, allowing the development of a real and proper philosophy of physical and spiritual well-being. In the Roman epoch the installation consisted of three sectors: the tepidarium (room for acclimatisation), the calidarium (room for heating, with two baths, one hot and one cold), and the frigidarium (an unheated room with a cold bath). Added to this complex during the Imperial age were a gymnasium, gardens, libraries and various other facilities, thus creating a health centre in the full sense of the term.

And it was here that health spa tourism in the Veneto originated. Highly regarded by the Romans, known to them as the 'Baths of Juno' in honour of their beauty, located among dense woods and variegated natural setting, the Terme di Caldiero spring from the province of Vicenza, offering the tourist every type of thermal cure, with five baths equipped with thermo-mineral water from the Piccole Dolomiti and Monti Lessini.

Lying in an area of particular natural beauty, it is recommended to visit the small natural oasis of lake Dugal in the surroundings, which is home to swans, geese and wild ducks. In addition there are two woods, rich in splendid examples of plant life, and within easy distance of the open-air structure known as the 'green theatre', used in the summer months for cultural events and performances.

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