Recoaro Terme


Its history as a spa was ennobled, from its origin as the first thermal centre of the Venetian Republic until the early 1900s, by the aristocracy who frequented it, and whose presence can still be felt today in the gardens and elegant villas around the area.

Recoaro Terme is a true paradise of health and relaxation in the province of Vicenza, a real city of well-being endowed with springs of water with astonishing curative properties. In addition, it provides the ideal place to combine the best spa treatment with either mountain sports, such as free climbing, skiing and mountain biking (for which private paths are available), or salutary beautiful walks immersed in the pre-alpine countryside, enjoying the salubrious air and the panorama of rich and unspoilt nature. All these elements justify the name of the 'Emerald Valley' - a landscape which Nietzsche numbered among his most beautiful experiences.

Recoaro's fortunes began in 1600 with the discovery of a thermal spring. Today the most advanced tourist structures exploit its beneficial properties with a truly complete circuit of psycho-physical well-being, combining the traditions of the ancient Romans with the latest advances in thermal technology and healthcare. Here may be practised balneotherapy, ocra mud treatment, massage, inhalations and physiotherapy. Its supremacy reached in this field has meant that today it is the main source of economic activity in Recoaro Terme.

Recoaro is also famous for its exquisite water low in mineral content, beneficial for health bearing in mind the results in the cure of digestive disorders and kidney stones amongst others.

Moving up we find Recoaro Mille, perfectly adapted to winter tourism. Owing to its proximity to the mountains, Recoaro Mille is a gem among the holiday resorts of the Piccole Dolomiti, with piste. suitable for every level. The surrounding nature is enchanting, as is the view offered from every corner of the plain in which it is situated. A cableway connects it to Recoaro Terme.