A world heritage site for its art and a sporting paradise thanks to its natural variety: the Veneto is a natural gym for all sports at every level, always in complete safety. Here the concept of a holiday is adapted for all its various requirements, from the classic sightseeing itineraries to the fulfilment of the visitors' particular passion. Each region or geographical area has its own distinct environment and climate, sometimes seasonal, though with evergreen zones playing host to visitors all year round.

The only sporting vacation with a seasonal limit is the beach holiday: 100 km of coast offering everything from windsurfing to sailing, kitesurfing to scuba diving, in addition to thermal swimming pools, riding, beach volleyball, tennis courts, football, basketball, volleyball, golf and minigolf. The same wide choice applies to the lake and mountain areas, and with less influence of the passing of the seasons. From the Riviera degli Olivi with windsurfing and paragliding, with horseriding and trekking (both on foot or by bike) in summer, to ski-ing with the lake view from Monte Baldo during the winter - everything is possible. The mountains of the Veneto, from the Dolomites to Lessinia, offer traditional alpine pastimes such as ski-ing and ice-skating, while the summer turns the areas into places for excursions and trips, on foot, by horse, or mountain bike, with the possibility of rafting and sport fishing. Finally there are the thermal baths for alternating relaxation with all types of sporting activities and excursions, and canoeing on the river Silo or in the southern zones. The Veneto also has the third largest number of golf courses in the whole of Italy, with 16 courses spread throughout the territory, near the sea, in the hills and in the mountains.


The Veneto hosts the best facilities for watersports, both for the large number of lakes, rivers and the Adriatic shoreline, and for the favourable winds which distinguish every single place.

The most widespread activities currently on offer are windsurfing, scuba diving and kitesurfing - a new sport combining a board with a type of wing, allowing incredible athletic jumps and turns.

Canoeing and Rafting

The Veneto is also of course an area rich in water: hence its suitability for canoeing, kayaking and rafting, all surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

From river trips along the Brenta or through the solemn grandeur of the Dolomites, to paddling in the blue of the Adriatic or the waters of the Garda Lake, you are guaranteed an emotional experience.

Horse Riding

One of the best ways to enjoy sport and experience the full beauty of the Veneto, in harmony with the countryside and its silence.

There are many stables and trails stretching along some of the most unfrequented and fascinating landscapes, both in the hills and mountains and the Adriatic hinterland.


A sport which has seen a notable increase in popularity in recent years. Today the Veneto has the third largest number of courses in Italy (16).

And there are an ever-increasing number of practitioners, both Italian and foreign, who come here to play among the enchanting natural backdrop; hence the growing number of national and international competitions at professional level.

Nordic Walking

A new sport from Finland which has found a perfect home in the natural beauty of theVeneto.

Nordic walking arose from a type of training for downhill skiers during the summer months, and utilises simple poles akin to those used for ski-ing. It is an ideal sport for all ages and levels.

Perfect locations are to be found in the Euganean hills, on Monte Baldo and around Lake Garda, and aboveCortina.

Sport fishing

Thanks to the fresh and salt waters of the Veneto, another pastime which attracts new enthusiasts every year is sport fishing.

Aiming to catch the best fish and then releasing it, this sport is a type of challenge where both hunter and prey are on an equal footing.

The choice is yours: lake, river or sea!

Ski and Snowboarding

The marvellous slopes of the Veneto's mountains are the most well-known destination for winter sports.

From the Dolomites to Lessinia there are hundreds of ski resorts, and thousands of kilometres to ski or snowboard suitable forevery level and for all disciplines, from downhill to cross-country.

The bright lights and sophistication of Cortina, the tranquility of Asiago, the prehistory of Monte Lessini: a winter experience for all tastes!


With its large expanses of water, the two main rivers, the Garda Lake and the Adriatic coast, the Veneto boasts a long tradition of sailing. There are in fact many yacht clubs from which many a famous skipper has arisen.

From the Garda blue, home to important regattas, to the lake of Santa Croce in Alpago and the coastal waters, there are many possibilities for sailing suitable for all levels.