Rovigo nestles in an unequalled landscape, emitting an air of mystery and incredible charm. Its territory is rendered 'amphibious' by the grip of the rivers Po and Adige, while the Po Delta National Park offers unmatched horizons shrouded by the mists which reveal them according to their own whims.

Rovigo is the smallest province of the Padana plain, but is one of the jewels which glistens in the crown of the Veneto. Its medieval past is well-documented by its streets and squares, even if the site was in fact inhabited in remote times, sadly, precious little of that distant past remains today: the Paleovenetians, Etruscans and ancient Romans were all drawn to the abundant wild nature which has always been a feature of the area.

But there is ample testimony of the bishopric Rhodigium, from the symbolic ruins of the High Middle Age castle to the elegant touch of the Venetians with their magnificent civic and religious edifices.

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