Even the simplest glance at the city of Treviso, lying on the banks of thr rivers Sile and Cagnan, fills one with emotion. Not to be thought of as just another Venice, with which it is often and erroneously compared, Treviso is rather a unique place which represents the perfect balance between the natural riches and culture of the Veneto region.

Here all is harmony, proportion, gentleness and elegance: in a word, joy. Hence the ancient name for the area from which it arises: 'The Joyous and Amorous Mark'. Countryside and green hills culminate in the civic splendour of wood and brick houses adorned by frescoes, lapped by the waters, and puinctuated by willow trees which gracefully slope down towards a stream of water: a medieval aura envelops this city which is also a magnet for industry and manufacturing in the North-East.

Porticoes, gardens and accompany the visitor on a walk through time, among the noble residences of the Piazza dei Signori - which contains the symbol of Treviso in the Palazzo dei Trecento - the Carraresi House, and the Loggia dei Cavalieri: an artistic journey where art is properly at home.

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