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Osteria Alla Pasina

Via Marie, 3 - 31030 Dosson di Casier (Tv) -- contacts: +39 0422382112;

Typical country inn - in Dosson, just near Treviso - where the unforgettable Venetian gourmet Giuseppe Maffioli loved to go to talk about food: the same as prepared today with great passion by Giancarlo Pasin and his wife Teresa, with their son and daughter Simone and Nicoletta.

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A traditional cuisine, which is creative and refined and varies with the seasons: from vegetables to mushrooms, to meat, fish and the excellent dishes with the Treviso red radicchio. Home made desserts, regional, national and foreign wine list.

In one part of the farmhouse, three small dining rooms, each for 20 people, have been created with a fireplace. Built and furnished tastefully, there is a hall for receptions, company dinners, weddings, and special parties, which can hold from 100 to 120 people. For wedding parties, we offer guests a choice of meat and fish based menus, or - as an alternative - a buffet in our extensive garden area.

There are two reputable wine cellars at the Pasina: one dedicated to Italian, French, American, Australian and Chilean red wines; the other for white wines, sparkling wines, champagne and dessert wine which are kept at a different temperature.

We also organize monthly wine tastings and appointments with the producers of the wines and spirits maturing in our cellars and served in our restaurant. For more information on the timetable of scheduled appointments, please ask us more information.

Closed on Saturday evening and on Monday.