Venice is not only one the most important art city in Italy, but also one of the world’s most sought-after destinations owing to its beauty, its uniqueness, and its culture. Venice: an archipelago of 120 islands set in the emerald green of the lagoon, between coast and open sea.

From its origins 1500 years ago, constructed as an ingenious attempt to shelter from the threat of barbarian invasion, Venice has always been much more than just a city: from Dukedom, to 'Most Serene Republic', and 'Sea Nation', Venice expanded into a power which knew no bounds, neither from land nor sea, an authority able to accomplish everything it desired, and whose monuments even now preserve the magnificence and magic of its rich history.

And for this reason Venice is the top Italian destination for visitors: because a holiday in Venice not only reveals her myth but lives it: at the crossroads of the ages and cultures which it encountered and then adapted to its own unique taste. Witness the Basilica of St. Mark, with its Byzantine ornamentation, and the Gothic style of the Doge’s Palace, two of the delights of the Square which Napoleon considered the 'most elegant drawing-room in Europe'.

But, there is also Palladio’s Church of the Redeemer, the incomparable architecture of the Rialto Bridge, and hidden wonders such as the Palazzo Contarini of Bovolo. A whole range of treasures that turn a holiday in Venice into the diamond tip of art tourism in Italy and in Veneto. A  holiday in Venice means losing yourself in a dense network of lanes and alleyways which suddenly open onto a brilliant patch of sky, shopping in the most exclusive boutiques, appreciating art in museums which are themselves masterpieces, hearing the authentic baroque tones of Vivaldi, discovering the authentic Venetian cuisine, and visiting the haunts of Ernest Hemingway and the many film directors who have cast cinematic Venice as the main character of unforgettable films.

Since time immemorial this city, now a Unesco world heritage site, has had the world at its feet. Because a holiday in Venice means leaving everything behind and living a dream.

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