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Emilia Burano

Via Baldassarre Galuppi 205, 30142 Venice -- contacts: +39 041 735 299;

In addition to the lively fishermen's houses, Burano hides a precious treasure, handed down from generation to generation by the women of the island who used to spend their time knitting whilst they waited for their husbands to return from the sea... Today, this ancient tradition remains one of the strengths of the island, a distinctive product of which Venetian craftsmanship prides itself and a major attraction for island visitors.

This is why we have chosen the most faithful to tradition lace shop in Burano, the same place that made lace a product famous worldwide by combining this ancient art with contemporary interior design.

Soft, refined and ethereal... These are the laces produced by Atelier Emilia Burano, lace shop and family business for four generations, pride of ‘made in Italy’ worldwide and symbol of a traditional handicraft that faced and challenged modernity, drawing strength from it and renewing its genuineness.

If you are in Burano, do not forget to pay a visit to Emilia Burano, Italy! From Piazza Baldassarre Galuppi, take the homonymous street and soon after, on the right, you will see the windows of Emilia Burano: Venice will be able to give you a lot of emotions during your stay and one of them is hidden right behind the windows of this lace shop In Venice. On the ground floor, the store offers the best you can take home as a memory of your trip: household linen, tableware, accessories, stoles and lace handkerchiefs... On the first floor you will find a real surprise hidden in this historic lace shop in Burano, Venice, the small family museum built with passion, hard work and creativity witnessed by the original creations of four generations of lace makers.

Inside Emilia Burano lace shop you may also see the lace makers at work and admire the intricate work behind the creation of these wonderful masterpieces, while the caring and skilful staff of the shop will be pleased to assist you and give you suitable advice on what to purchase.

Lorenzo Ammendola, designer at Emilia Burano lace shop, set out to bring the elegance and the luxury of the past to modern times... The result? The lace is reinterpreted in a thousand ways and the masterpieces of Emilia Burano, Italy, have now conquered the world, including the famous brand Aston Martin, which is collaborating with Emilia Burano, Venice, to create a line of home linens bearing their logo.


Emilia Burano distinguishes itself from the other lace shops in Venice, Italy for having been able to open up lace to a 21st-century clientele, creating elaborate luxurious household linens and lace products. Emilia Burano lace shop was set up in the late 1800s by the family’s wise grandmother, nonna Emilia: Burano's laces did not hold any secrets for her, who in turn had learned this fascinating art from her mother. Today, the company is still a family one, but the laces of nonna Emilia have come a long way... The original silk, satin cotton and cashmere linens have conquered luxury hotels, private jets and yachts: Emilia Burano lace products are synonymous with quality, elegance and timeless style.

The family museum

In portraits, noblemen and rulers from all over Europe, such as Louis XIV and Elizabeth I, are shown wearing gorgeous lace collars. This is proof of how Venetian lace was admired and appreciated in history, when it was used by the upper classes as a symbol of high social status.

In the small family museum of Emilia Burano Venice you can admire bridal dresses, collars, gloves, handkerchiefs and many other lace products produced between the 16th and the 17th century.


If you are planning an excursion to Burano, our portal can help you reach the island in the most convenient way according to your needs and discover its treasures autonomously or guided by a local escort:

Vaporetto - the journey lasts around an hour, starting from the 'Fondamenta Nove' stop;

Organized excursions - with boarding near St. Mark's Square, these excursions, which include a visit to Murano, Burano and Torcello or Murano and Burano only, offer on-board explanations and a return trip from Venice. The stop at Burano is entirely optional, so in addition to discovering the island, you will have time to visit Emilia Burano lace shop!

Guided tour of Burano - a brilliant local guide will show you the best of this island, between history, art and tradition!

If you do not want to travel as far as Burano, Emilia Burano lace shop has a showroom at the Hotel Cipriani, but only in Burano, home of the lace and the production site of Emilia Burano, will you be able to fully appreciate these delicate thread creations that have conquered the whole world.