Together with Venice the most recognised face of the Veneto. Verona is a city alive with myths, a place of the spirit in pursuit of the true meaning of magic.

Why spend your holidays in Verona? Because here Love with a capital 'L' has its home, in a literal sense: the places associated with the adventures of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet are impossible to miss, and impossible also not to experience the emotion produced by the sight of the famous balcony. Every year thousands upon thousands of romantic dreamers visit the 'City of Love' for this reason alone.

Her image is indissolubly linked to the Arena, imposing symbol of her Roman pedigree for almost 2000 years, and today home to its world-famous opera performances. Plan a holiday in Verona and you will not regret it.

The ideal place for couples, families and young people: holidays in Verona can really make everybody happy. But Verona is also about the spirit of art, a living historic monument, cultural witness of the world. Verona is medieval, Verona is mystical, Verona is a magnificent example of nature, bathed in the waters of the Adige and immersed in a countryside of gentle hills, lush fields and lake shores. Verona leads everywhere, but above all she leads to herself.

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