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Kissed by the lake and the green of the surrounding fertile hills from which comes the wine for which they are famous, Bardolino boasts one of the most charming natural settings of the Garda region: no wonder that it has always been a highly sought-after stretch of land.

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Already in the prehistoric age a pile dwelling settlement, and notwithstanding the interesting relics hailing from the Roman epoch, it was the High Middle Ages that the 'territory of the counts' really came into its own, with its secular and ecclesiastical power, and to which it owes its splendid monuments, erected under the auspices of one or other of its rulers.

As well as the ancient churches, monasteries and the Scaliger-era encircling walls (of which only the Porta Verona and a crenellated tower remain), the town contains villas, palazzi and gardens commemorating the Venetian rule which contributes a great part of the fascinating and varied history and art of this splendid town, today dedicated to tourism thanks to its wide range of facilities that make it possible for everybody to stay in Bardolino.

Highly evident is the positioning of the houses in rows perpendicular to the lake, typical of the structure of a fishing village. Many rewarding excursions and visits are to be had in the area.

Absolutely unmissable are surely San Zeno, a magnificent example of Carolingian architecture of the 9th century built under authority of the French king Pepin, and, dating from the same epoch, the Romanesque San Severo and San Colombano, the latter lying in the vicinity of Cisano.

Not to be neglected, however, are also the local delicacies and dishes, based on fish from the lake and vegetables cultivated in the surrounding hills that set holidays in Bardolino as a source of pride for the Veneto cuisine. Bardolino is in addition host to Italy's most important international triathlon, and a ideal locality for all water and open-air sports: holidays in Bardolino can also be spent to get back into shape.

Within a few kms distance is to be found the hermitage of the Camaldolesi, to which only men are allowed entrance.

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