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Close to the highest peaks of Monte Baldo, by water as deep as it is clear, long expanses of green fileds and woods connect the six districts which comprise Brenzone: one of the largest comunes of Verona, with an area of around 50 km2.

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Discover the magic of holidays in Brenzone. Its etymology is uncertain - perhaps the name derives from the Germanic people known as the Brenni who settled on the nearby mountains, perhaps from the German Berg, mountain, perhaps also from the Counts of Brenzone - though the town's origins can be traced to the ancient Romans (though prehistoric remains have been found in the outlying areas). During the Medieval age it was ruled by various lords, such as the Scaligeri and Visconti, and later by the Venetian Republic.

With its economy which has always been favoured towards agrarian activity, Brenzone's fame today rests with its olive oil, among the most highly-praised throughout the riviera, and protected by the Syndicate for the safeguarding of the extravirgin olive oil of the Garda: a delicacy that you cannot do without during you holidays in Brenzone.

Tourism represents another rich source of local income, thanks to the type of holiday offered: the most diverse variety of environments in a small space, a plethora of localities spread out over the foothills of Monte Baldo fully equipped for winter tourism, for example Prada.

But not only this: yachting clubs and sports centres make it a paradise for the sailing regattas on Lake Garda. Holidays in Brenzone have the advantage of offering many alternatives, that is why booking a holiday here is becoming easier and easier.

And visits of historic and cultural interest are no less varied: from the church of San Zeno with its 13th century pictorial cycle of the life of John the Baptist in the hamlet of Castelletto to that of San Nicolò at Assenza with its frescoes of the 13th-14th. The uninhabited district of Campo with its ancient church plunges one into the Medieval, as indeed does the island of Trimelone, with its atmospheric ruined castle.

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