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A gem of the riviera with a breathtaking view of the Sirmione peninsula. Holidays in Lazise have always been a luxury, due to the natural, historic and artistic wonders that the small town is enshrining.

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Holidays in Lazise offer a world of opportunities: relaxation, sport, cultural visits and entertainment are the many sides of a unique place.

Lazise's roots are inextricably tied to the tourist tradition, still preserves the charms of its history which it has lived through and which is still immured within the Scaligeri antique town walls. Within this stone embrace lies the centre, one of the oldest comune s in Italy which possessed a degree of autonomy making it answerable only directly to the King.

The castle and towers survive apparently oblivious of the march of the centuries, perfectly attuned with the ordinary life of the people, the shops, restaurants, and other signs of the tourist industry. From the most ancient times this area has been a junction for commercial activity, a 'tradition' which the Venetian Republic thought wisely to exploit, sinking its claws in here. This is why opposite the enchanting marina arose the Customs House, responsible for the control of lake traffic.

Today the grand halls of the Venetian edifice are host to prominent cultural functions, thus preserving a 'fil rouge' with its glorious past. A fascinating insight into its past is the fact that many Venetian ships lie at the bottom of the waters off the shores of Lazise, sunk by then Venetians themselves to prevent the fleet being taken by the enemy. Another historic world (or rather prehistoric) lies submerged in nearby Pacengo, whose waters preserve a large pile-dwelling settlement.

Returning to the marina area, a visit to the Romanesque church of san Nicolò will be opportune, with its frescoes by the school of Giotto, though a tour of the antique holiday residences is recommended.

The noteworthy musical festival 'Lazise notte classica' is held here, and for entertainment we recommend Caneva World, an aquatic park (and much more).

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