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A richly seductive landscape, the fulcrum between lakes and mountains, history and nature, as well as the last jewel to shine on the northern shores of Lake Garda, almost at the border between Veneto and Trentino: behold another unforgettable view of the 'Garden of Europe', another corner where all the magnificence of the Riviera degli Olivi lies before us.

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Holidays in Malcesine are blessed without any doubt with a stunning location. Here one's awestruck gaze runs to the snow-capped summit of Monte Baldo or behind the sails skimming over the lake's surface, following the hustle and bustle of everyday life through the medieval streets of the town centre, or gazing on the grandeur of the crenellated walls. Everything is possible during your holiday in Malcesine, one of the most fascinating destinations in Lake Garda.

Malcesine possesses a splendid ancient castle, probably of Longobard origin and restructured by the Scaligeri rulers in the 13th century, later taken over by the Venetians and Austrians.
Today the Scaligeri fort is home to the Museum of Natural History of the Garda and Monte Baldo, an extremely interesting display of geological, botanical, and archaeological and fossil remains, enhanced with an exhibition dedicated to the German poet Goethe, who, in addition to being enamoured of this spot was once held in the fortress after being mistaken for a spy whilst passing through the countryside.
Misadventures notwithstanding, Goethe was not the only illustrious visitor to come seeking inspiration and to benefit from the beauty of Malcesine: the painter Gustav Klimt portrayed the town in two of his pictures.

Within the town itself the old gate, close to which lies the 16th century Palazzo dei Capitani, and the church of Santo Stefano (9th) are well worth a visit, as are likewise, further afield in the surrounding area, the hamlet of Cassone and the hermitage of Santi Benigo e Carlo in the valley of San Zeno.

Malcesine also boasts a funicular railway which runs until Tratto Spino, 1780 m above sea level, home to a ski resort.

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