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Peschiera del Garda

Peschiera del Garda

Situated on the southernmost part of the lake, where the Mincio, Garda's sole river, has its origins. Holidays in Peschiera are a perfect representation of the values of the Olives Riviera.

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Peschiera is so-called due to the large quantities of fish (pesce) to be found in its waters, and also evidenced by its crest bearing two eels. It occupies a position at the intersection of two different environments, both geographical and political, which man has exploited in his favour since the dawn of time; in fact traces of a pile-dwelling settlement have been unearthed in the vicinity dating as far back as the Bronze Age.

Thanks to its role as crossroads between the Alps and plains, lake and river, and Lombardy and the Veneto, its history gradually accumulated, and Arilicia (as it was known in ancient times) became firstly a Roman vicus and later a Longobard dominion. Tradition has it that it was here that Pope Leo I succeeded in blocking the destructive advance of Attila through faith alone.

Belonging to the Ezzelini, Scaglieri and Visconti in Medieval times, in the 15th century it eventually succeeded to the Venetian Republic.
It was during the Venetian period that the fortress and defensive city walls were erected, still preserved today: the embracing polygonal form was the work of Sanmicheli. Various defensive elements were added in the following centuries, and from 1815 Peschiera was, together with Verona, Mantova and Legnano, one of the four fortresses of the Austrian defensive system known as the Quadrilateral.

Today the city is among the best-equipped tourist centres of the Garda, in terms of both accommodation and with provisions for watersports, holidays in Peschiera in fact offer all possible solutions: booking a holiday here offers many advantages.

Easily reached by train or road, it also offers many interesting diversions in the nearby surroundings: from the 16th century sanctuary of the Madonna del Frassino, site of a miracle, to Gardaland and the Parco Natura Viva, providing amusement for both young and old alike. Ask for holiday booking with