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San Vigilio

San Vigilio

Lying between Garda and Torri del Benaco, where the harsh mountains descend towards the fresh water giving way to an ever more flourishing nature, this small promontory was dedicated to the bishop of Trento San Vigilio who, in the 4th century, started the Christian conversion of the peoples living above the pagan 'Lacus Benacus'.

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Punta San Vigilio dominates the southern Garda basin and is without doubt a magical place, perhaps the most suggestive of all the Riviera degli Olivi: the Siren's Bay is a true restorative for the soul, with its perfect meeting of green and blue the ideal place to visit during a romantic holiday in San Vigilio.

The vegetation which surrounds this small peninsola, and which further north begins to envelope the lake thus shrinking it, allows the splendour of its history and spectacle to blossom, a splendour which has for centuries fascinated artsits, poets and intellectuals who escaped to this place for inspiration and the calming influence on the senses. A holiday in San Vigilio will immediately instil in you a feeling of serenity.

At Punta San Viglio Garda, prehistoric evidence from the Bronze Age has been unearthed in the form of weapons and magnificent rock incisions depicting scenes of hunting and representations of the sun, displayed on a fine circuit organised by the WWF. Rome and the Latin atmosphere continue to linger in the air, as does the Medieval and Christian traces of its past, blessing the tranquility and beauty of these shores. The way leading to the marina and inn along an envigorating road lined with a double row of cypress trees is a profound breath of beauty.

Close by the port lies the 16th century Villa Guarienti, probably built according to a design of Michele Sanmicheli, endowed with a marvellous garden, and also in the same area, among citrus orchards, olive trees and cypress, the ancient church of San Vigilio dating back to the 13th century. Plan your romantic holiday in San Vigilio with