A journey to Vicenza offers unforeseen perspectives into art and history. The wealth of the past presents itself with ever new faces, but always with a combination of three fundamental elements. The grandeur of the Roman Empire, the Palladian Renaissance, and the natural environment, given its setting among the luxuriant Berici hills and the vast expanses of green which ring the city.

Vicenza is a stage where the marriage of life and art is to be witnessed every day. Palladio became the greatest architect of all time thanks to his evocative atmosphere: everything here echoes his name, from the basilica of Piazza dei Signori, appropriated from the Middle Ages to create something truly special, to the celebrated Teatro Olimpico, whose own setting touches the emotions more than the plays themselves, is already so emotional, and the dozens of villas which revise the concept of living within space. Furthermore there is the spiritual face of Vicenza, which looks down from Monte Berico and preserves the priceless 'The Supper of Saint Gregory' the Great of Paolo Veronese.

Here elegance, hospitality and a touch of the eternal accompany the visitor within its consummate aesthetic grandeur.

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