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Everything you have ever imagined about the medieval period, and more... Marostica, with its monuments and traditions, is a past which has never passed, the most courtly, authentic and well-preserved vision of the Middle Ages: here one can live in its time-honoured customs and heritage where the city walls protect it from the all-devouring present.

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This splendid city rises head and shoulders above its neighbours in its characteristic natural setting on the slopes of the Asiago plateau. Here the fertile fields provide all of Italy with the succulent exquisite red cherries for which the area is famous.

As for Marostica itself, the Venetian rulers preserved the typical Gothic aspect of the town, their buildings respecting its history and giving it the last word. The Scaligeri family are responsible for the most imposing fortified aspects of this artistic town: the 14th century castle on the Pausolino hills, the lower castle, and the connecting walls which ring the town.

The hub of life remains the piazza, which every other September hosts the celebrated human chess game, with players in period costumes enacting the courtly loves and intrigues of the 15th century nobles Rinaldo d’Angarano and Vieri da Vallonata competing for the favours of Lionora, the beautiful daughter of the Castellano di Maròstica. More than 300 people compete in the game, dressed as knights, damsels, archers and other roles, and there moves are dictated by real international grand chess masters.

The lower castle which dominates the piazza is today home to the Comune, and contains the Sala delle Armi (Weapons Hall), the Sala del Governatore and del Consiglio, with frescoes and a wooden choir dating from the 1700s.