A fairy world

From 08 October 2011 to 18 December 2011

With its 24th edition the fantastic journey that has been enchanting and fascinating children and their families since 1988 is back.

The city of Sarmede (TV) will prepare an open-air stage from which fairy-tales, stories and legends will emerge to fascinate all those present.

The event will start on 8th October with Preview: the childrens city followed by a long list of events that will entertain the public until 18th December.

The listing contains a series of events that will span across these two months, starting with The theatre fairs, showcasing entertainment events with fire-eaters, continuing with Fanta-science, aimed at stimulating creativity and curiosity, and ending with the theatre events The family goes to the theatre andThe school goes to the theatre.

Additionally, as this year celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, there will be events centred on this theme and shows in English.

Prices vary according to what you intend to view.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff