A glass adventure

From 11 December 2010 to 25 April 2011

The Correr Museum is opening its doors to the art of glass making with A glass adventure, the biggest exhibition on this theme of the past thirty years, a sort of ideal celebration of the 150 years since the founding of the Glass Museum. The exhibition follows a chronological order through a period of time spanning from classic times through to today. There will also be findings collected in the lagoon shores - they represent a suggestive and powerful image to seal the union between Venice and this tradition. The masters of Venice glassmaking enjoyed widespread acclaimed and a golden age in Europe between the 15th and 17th century, and to this period A glass adventure gives particular attention with a vast display of several masterpieces. From a creative point of view the 17th century was also particular relevant and different forms were being shaped that made glass more similar to porcelain. In the 18th century glass making underwent a period of changing fortunes as was the case also for the city of Venice, until a sort of Renaissance ensued that saw the birth of the Glass Museum in 1861. Finally the 20th century saw the definite rising of a designer approach that replaced the idea of glass as a mere object made for a specific purpose and instead valued it as an artistic one to be admired. This aspect receives particular attention within the Museum, as it represents a crucial change to this the exhibition dedicates special chapters displaying works from the Factory of the Angels of Egidio Costantini and the collection of Carlo and Giovanni Moretti. This section does not want to be exhaustive, instead, it simply attempts for the first time, to define some bearing points for a period that has never before been adequately investigated.

There will also be a section in the exhibition purposely arranged for the concomitance with the 2011 Carnival, and for this reason dedicated to the 18th century, open to the public from the first week in February 2011. It will contain over 100 pieces from the Machietto collection, on show for the first time in the city: these are figurines wearing typical costumes and masks from the Venetian carnival and the Comedy of Art, and also tasteful feminine nudes and others.

The exhibition has been organized thanks to the initiative of the Civic Venice Museums Foundation, under the direction of Aldo Bova and Chiara Squarcina and the arrangements of Daniela Ferretti.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 11 December 2010 to 25 April 2011

Event location: Museum Correr - Venice