'Abissi - Città di Venezia' at the Museum of Natural History

7th Underwater Photo Contest 'Abissi Città di Venezia'

From 11 October 2014 to 02 November 2014


For the fourth consecutive year, theNatural History Museum of Venice exhibitions once again offer the underwater'Abyss photo contest'2014.

From11 October to 2 November, Venice photo contest 2014 includes the underwater photography contest, an opportunity to approach this vast and fascinating world, presented in the renovated rooms of the Natural History Museum Venice exhibitions 2014.

Now in its 7th edition, the underwater photo contest in Italy, organized in collaboration with some important underwater photographers, including Underwater San Marco Club, the Argo Group and Schubsshooters.

Since the first competition in 2008, the underwater photo contest in Venice has grown into one of the most important Italian underwater photography exhibitions and has become an event of international importance able to attract the interest of some of the most famous underwater photographers in the world.

The success of the competition 'Abyss photo contest' has attracted attention to the Natural History Museum of Venice which has been housing the abyss photo contest in Venice since 2011. 25,000 visitors and a stunning collection with over 1500 images of the seas of the planet testify to the growing interest and appreciation that the natural history museum venice exhibitions are enjoying.

The material collected thanks to theAbyss photo contest  is kept in the vast archives of the Natural History Museum to be used for educational and research purposes.

The 7th International underwater photo exhibit will be held in the rooms on the ground floor, in particular in the fascinating Galleria dei Cetacei, a highly spectacular environment that lends itself very well as a background of an exhibition dedicated to underwater photography.

The Abissi - Città di Venezia 2014 exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Venice will present photographs divided into the different sections of the competition - including jellyfish, nudibranch and women underwater photography.

The Natural History Museum Venice exhibitions 2014 includes photographs that have been selected by a prestigious panel of experts and will be voted by the people who visit the museum during the opening of the exhibition.

'Abissi - Città di Venezia 2014' should not be seen solely as a photography competition, but as an opportunity to appreciate and learn about the sea and its inhabitants

Buy your ticket to the Natural History Museum in Venice and express your preference! The Abyss photo contest awaits you from 11 October to 2 November 2014!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 11 October 2014 to 02 November 2014

Event location: Venice – Natural History Museum