Aida and Radames

02 July 2011

The musical Aida and Radames is to be staged at the Cison di Valmarino Theatre, near Treviso. Inspired by the same name comedy of the composer Giuseppe Verdi, this show has been authored by Tim Rice (the author of other well-known musical such as Evita, The Lion King, Jesus Christ Superstar) and staged for the first time in Broadway in 2000. The huge success and the welcoming reviews it collected led to the staging of a world tour, which also landed in Genoa in 2007. The dominant feelings are those typical of Verdis melodrama: love in conflict with mind. The story is in fact about the Nubian princess Aida, a courageous and intelligent woman, who is captured and taken with her people to Egypt, where the prince and reigning military head Radames will see her and be fascinated by her. The Egyptian general decides to give Aida to his wife, Queen Amneris, but soon realizes he cannot hide his feelings: Radames falls in love with Aida and his love is returned. At this point the inner drama starts, he is torn between the genuine love he feels and the obligation to remain faithful to the Pharaoh and his people. The dramatic ending reminds us of what mankind is capable of doing in the name of love, a force that can bring us to surmount unimaginable obstacles.

The capturing and eclectic music has been composed by the British composer and musician Elton John: they amazingly range from pop, to reggae, gospel and include also ethnic elements derived from Arab, Indian and African music. The adaptation and translation into Italian have been possible thanks to Pia Sheridan, renowned English director and choreographer who has spent many years in Italy.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff