All Cavazzano

From 27 August 2010 to 19 October 2010

There is no doubt that comics are a form of art, but there are artists whose drawings have symbolized this at the highest level. This is the case of Giorgio Cavazzano, a world known Disney artist, one of the most talented and multi-faceted representatives of this artistic genre. Now for the first time an exhibition will offer the well deserved opportunity to appreciate Cavazzanos mastery, a cultural experience not to be missed that has never been presented to the public and should be visited by adults and children alike. The exhibition is entitled All Cavazzano and will be presented in the artists home town, Mirano, inside the wing buildings and the rooms of Villa Giustinian Morosini and the nearby spectacular Castelletto, a kind of symbol of this town. Visitors must bear in mind that this is a well prepared special exhibition with many drawings, but does not contain the entirety of Cavazzanos works, for which no museum would be big enough. The curator of the exhibition, Francesco Verni, the noted journalist of Corriere del Veneto, is proof this is a quality event. He is in fact considered one of the best comics connoisseurs in Italy, who has also written the only authorized biography of another well known comics artist from Venice, Milo Manara. Verni has put together a pleasant, linear and exhaustive display that contains the most representative episodes of Cavazzanos extensive career and reveals both unknown facts as well as familiar traits.With its drawings, illustrations, pencil sketches and preliminary studies, the exhibition winds through Cavazzanos Disney stories, contained in the wing buildings, and the myriad of characters that were born out of Cavazzanos genius, scattered between the first floor and the rooms of the Villa Giustinian Morosini (Pifs adventures, Timoty Titan, Puppets, Basil l'investigatopo, Jungle Bungle and Eldoleo, and also Johnny Bassotto, Popof and Furia, Marvels heroes Spider Man, Hulk, The Punisher and Bonellis characters - Ken Parker e Martin Mystre). Still in relation to Sergio Bonelli Publisher and one of its best known characters, visitors can admire a beautiful reinterpretation of the nightmare investigator Dylan Dog by Giorgio Cavazzano, in the nearby Castelletto di Mirano.

Out of curiosity, an exhibition on Cavazzano was solicited on several occasions by the journalist Vincenzo Mollica, who through his parody character Vincenzo Paperica, acts as the virtual guide throughout the exhibition.

The exhibition is open from 2 to 4 pm on weekdays, and 10 to 12 am and 2 to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Entry is free.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff