America's Cup in Venice

The renowned sailing race arrives in the lagoon

From 12 May 2012 to 20 May 2012

Venice has strong links with sailing and its lagoon, both elements that have accompanied its thousand-year long history and influenced its events, relations and transformations. Due to its traditional ties, Venice is the perfect location to host the races of the oldest sport trophy in the world: the America's Cup, which will be the ideal opportunity to confirm once again Venices love and vocation for the sea. Elevating Venice into the ranks of an international sport destination, the America's Cup will arrive in Venice from 12 20 May 2012.

Venetoinside offers you the unique opportunity to watch the America's Cup regattas directly from the sea onboard an exclusive yacht! To learn more and book your place on our luxury motorboat: America's cup experience Venice is getting ready to become the perfect background for the races of the America's Cup, organized with the public in mind and enriched by a dense programme of collateral events. Valid for the World Series of the America's Cup, the races will take place along the line Terraferma-Arsenale-Lido and will include speed contests, a match race and a series of team regattas, a new formula introduced purposely to offer an unforgettable experience to both the public along the shores and the television viewers. At the Venice Lido there will be information points and viewing areas, as well as a ring of boats that will let spectators watch at close distance the sailing races, with additional viewing locations in St Marks Square, St George, nearby shores and at the Venice Arsenal. There will also be big screens across Venice to watch the America's Cup live, and also trials of traditional sailing, concerts at the Venice Arsenal, lyrical musical at the Fenice, dancing at the Biennale and additional events organized to give the huge crowds coming to watch the sailing races of the America's Cup the best possible welcome. A Welcome Village will be set up at the Riva degli Schiavoni and the Sport Village at the Venice Arsenal, the huge dock where the ships of the Serenissima Republic used to be built. Built in 1100, the Venice Arsenal is the best location for the technical and organizational teams of the America's Cup thanks to its architecture and its vast expanse of water. The rehabilitation of the Venice Arsenal, conceived to receive the containers that will be used for the village, will include also some of the rooms currently in use by the Biennale.

The strengthening of the moorings is already, in order to accommodate the huge number of boats that will arrive to watch the races of the America's Cup. This is a Venice reaching out towards the sea, and everything will be prepared in the best way to welcome nice days of sailing with collateral events during the Venice stage of the prestigious America's Cup. Racing in the America's Cup will be the extremely fast AC45 catamarans (13.50 metres long) of eleven teams with the best sailors in the world, amongst them the Luna Rossa, the only Italian boat competing in the sailing races.

There will be two routes, the first in the open sea, opposite St Nicol del Lido and the second in the lagoon, between the Venice Lido and St Marks Square. The America's Cup in Venice will start on Friday 11 May, with practices and tests anticipating the races of the Venice Lido Cup which will take place on Saturday and Sunday (route 1). On Monday and Tuesday sailors will have a rest collateral events are planned with Veneta rowing and al terzo sailing and races will resume on Wednesday 16 in the open sea.

The final will commence on Friday: speed races and team regattas on the 18th, match race on the 19th, speed races and team regattas on Sunday 20 (route 2). The renovation works planned for the races of the America's Cup have become an integral part of the projects for the restoration of Venice.

On top of the refurbishment of the Arsenal, which is related to an on-going regeneration project, a number of sport facilities will also be improved. This is all thanks to a group of private supporters headed by Thetis, a marine research and technology firm tasked with the organization of the America's Cup.

The sailing races are also linked to a series of initiatives aimed at ensuring that this event is carried out in a sustainable way and with the protection of the environment in mind: besides being a zero emission event, due to the rigorous control of emissions and the recourse to recycled materials, the America's Cup and the local organizers have adhered to an ocean protection project, which will see Venice as the protagonist of a series of actions for the defence of the marine environment.

From 12 20 May Venice will therefore be the stage of a great event and also the promoter of a new rapport with the sea and, more generally, with the natural environment.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 12 May 2012 to 20 May 2012

Event location: Venice

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