Amphorae in the Lagoon

From 18 July 2008 to 26 October 2008

The full title of this fascinating exhibition which runs until 26 October on the Island of Lazzaretto Nuovo in the Venetian lagoon is Amphorae wine, oil, fish, spices and perfumes in the lagoon in ancient times. Through more than 30 examples discovered in the waters of Venice during the last decade of research and which cover a wide time span (3rd century BC 3rd century AD it is possible to reconstruct the fundamental strategic role played by trade along the ancient Adriatic coast. The variety of the amphorae discovered represent a voyage through history but also through the imagination: we can perceive the crossing of distant lands, civilisations and cultures which gradually centred round Venice as a type of ideal city. Of particular interest is an item dated to the mid 1st century AD, ships register destined for the most important tradesmen in the area of Altino. Amphorae are the greatest source of our information regarding the provenance, production, markets, and financial situation in the Mediterranean. The exhibition takes place in the 16th century Tezon Grande, which ranks only below the Arsenale in terms of grandeur and dimension. The island of Lazzaretto Nuovo also contains areas of major historic and archaeological interest, making it well worth a journey.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 18 July 2008 to 26 October 2008

Event location: Island of Lazzaretto Nuovo - Venice