An Eden between sea and sky. The nature parks of Veneto as seen by Beck Peccoz

From 08 October 2010 to 21 March 2011

The charming Museo Regionale della Bonifica, located in Taglio di Po in the heart of the Delta Nature park, is hosting a photographic exhibition of the wonders of nature in Veneto. Thanks to the powers of the photographed places but also the authors special sensitivity, the photos of Marco Beck Peccoz are avoid of any documentary style contents focusing instead on the more poetic and artistic messages that these beautiful sceneries can evoke. This event, promoted by the Agriculture Department and the Nature Reserves and Protected Areas Department of the Veneto Region, analyses the six best-known nature reserves in Veneto, those that have been given the status of national and regional parks, and these are: the Po Delta, Euganei Hills, the magnificent Sile, the Belluno Dolomites Park, the Ampezzo Dolomites Park and finally the Lessinia Nature Park. Each area is depicted with its unique characteristics but is magically linked to the others through an all-embracing succession of telling images. In these, subjects have a predominant role but there is also space for imagination, or better visitors can find themselves immersed in the photographed nature and imagine listening to the sounds of nature and breathing the fresh air. You will see water, earth, and the most varied nature, natural rock sculptures, gentle slopes and sharp peaks. Starting from the flat expanses of the Po Delta, where the confines between sea and earth cannot be easily distinguished, the exhibition at Ca' Vendramin will visit each park delivering many emotions and turning these in to the irrepressible desire to visit these places one by one. Surely Beck Peccozs work does not stop at the surface of photographic paper but goes deeper and captures within the confines of a frame the soul of these places. The exhibition will be subsequently moved to further parks and places and will take the magic of Veneto around Italy and beyond.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff