Appointment with Astronomy

From 07 June 2008 to 08 June 2008

5 Star Party " Mount Pelmo under the Stars" from the Mayan Calendar to Black HolesThis year sees Val di Zoldo and Zopp di Cadore fervently preparing for the now tradtional appointment dedicated to lovers of astronomy.

The open to all Star Party has reached its fifth edition. The group Astrofili Veneti are organising the 5 Star Party " Mount Pelmo under the Stars" for the 7th and 8th June 2008 which will take place in Val di Zoldo and Zopp di Cadore.

The newly-formed group Astrofili veneti (formed from the combining of Astrofili Val di Zoldo & Marcon and members of other asociations) aim at joining together enthusiasts and the curious to understand and uncover the beauties of the stars. The two locations offer an ideal place to observe the skies: the "plain" of Zopp di Cadore lies at 1700 m above sea level, aimd the beautiful Belluno Dolomites, from which can be seen the moon, planets, galaxies, nebulae and countless other astronomical phenomena. Meeting point: Forno di Zoldo Saturday 07 June 2008 from 10.00.the swap meet and conferences are situated in the ample gardens of the Hotel Zoldana in Forno di Zoldo.

Observations take place at Zopp di Cadore ( 1800 metres above sea level ) during the evening of Saturday 07 June 2008 beginning 20.30 after the barbecue organised by the ever-collaborating Pro Loco of Zopp di Cadore.

Various commercial enterprises in the field will be present, among which the Optical Centre San Marco who will effect tests and evaluations of new instruments for observing the sun. Also on Saturday, there will be a visit to the museum of Forno di Zoldo and the Ethnografical Museum of Zopp di Cadore, at 16,00 a conference with professor. A. Recla on the universe of time: From the Mayan Calendar to Black Holes.

A new arrival, particularly of interest to philatelists: the Philately Group of Montagna will be present with a stand by the museum Forno where they will effectuate a special cancellation a postcard dedicated to the Star Party. During both days it will be possible to test instruments and telescopes, exchange materials, and make high-resolution solar observations.

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Period: From 07 June 2008 to 08 June 2008

Event location: Val di Zoldo and Zopp di Cadore (BL)

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