Archeological Park of Livelet 2008

From 12 June 2008 to 09 November 2008

Every Saturday and Sunday until 9 November 2008An experience to witness first-hand the first traces of life in the region and the first signs of civilisation; a new way to discover history as well as a further incentive to tourism in this area already bursting with attractions: all this and more is offered by the Archaeological Park del Livelet, situated on the shores of Lake Lago, where the remains of the first human settlements are still to be found. Both the lakes Lago and Santa Maria, joined by an isthmus, originated in the last ice age and are among the first inhabited areas of the Veneto. The archaeological park is open weekends until 9 November (including bank holiday weekends in August and 1st November and comprises workshops, teaching areas and reconstructions of the various types of prehistoric pile-dwelling habitations. In addition an exhibition centre reveals utensils, accessories, materials and hunting weapons and farming tools. The park provides interests for all both young and old, students and the curious. The surrounding area also offers a wealth of interesting places such Follina and Cison di Valmarino, providing opportunites for many excursions on foot, by bike or even on horseback.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff