Architecture Biennale 2016 - Reporting From The Front

15th International Architecture Exhibition

From 28 May 2016 to 27 November 2016


From Saturday, 28 May to Sunday 27 November the Architecture Biennale 2016 Venice hosts ''Reporting from the front - Architecture Biennale' a fascinating journey aimed at enhancing the role of architecture in contemporary society and its contribution in solving some of today's dynamics.

Curated by Alejandro Aravena, 15th international architecture exhibition in Venice will be divided as usual between the headquarters in the Giardini and the Arsenale, forming a single large exhibition site, not forgetting also the other countries exhibiting in various locations of the historic centre. The numbers of the 15th Architecture exhibition Biennale in Venice are: 88 participants, among which there are as many as 50 new entries and 33 architects under 40, from 37 countries, 5 of which are present in Venice for the first time.

Promoted and supported by the Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Tourism, the Italian Pavilion at the Tese delle Vergini in the Arsenale is curated by TAMassociati (Massimo Lepore, Raul Pantaleo, and Simone Sfriso).

The vernice of the 15th Architecture Biennale in Venice will take place on 26 and 27 May; the award ceremony and the inauguration of the Biennale of Architecture Venice in 2016 will take place on Saturday 28 May.


Travelling through South America, Bruce Chatwin, traveller and British writer, metà the German archaeologist Maria Reiche who was travelling with an aluminium ladder on her shoulders. She was studying the Nazca lines, at first glance just pebbles that seemed to make no sense. But going up the ladder, the stones acquired a meaning: viewed from a different perspective, from above, they formed a tree, a flower, an animal...

Alejandro Aravena was inspired by this story for the theme of the Biennale of Architecture in Venice 2016. The 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale wants to give voice to those who have gained a new perspective and want to share it with us: an exhibition that arises in the face of growing challenges that architecture must face and answer through new experiences and knowledge.

In architecture progress should not be an end in itself, but should contribute to improving the quality of people's lives. Given the complexity of the human condition and its needs, architecture must, therefore, act on several fronts: convenience and practicality, desires, respect for people, social commitment, everyday events and new perspectives.

The Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2016 program is aimed at achieving two objectives: on the one hand, to increase the number of issues with which the architecture should interface and that should be answered - not just art and culture, already fully analysed, but also economics, social dynamics, political and environment; on the other hand, to be able to integrate more themes together, since architecture often must combine multiple dimensions at a time.

The Biennale of Architecture in Venice in 2016 wants to give space to those who look to the horizon looking for new areas to be analyzed related to the pressing current situation: suburbs, inequality, natural disasters, migration, sanitation, traffic and pollution. In addition to analyzing these issues, the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale aims to present concrete examples that intertwine creativity and common sense, pragmatic and existential relevance and boldness.

It will not be easy to combine all these intentions…Constraints, emergencies, inadequate time and resources that are a often a serious obstacle to the development of the model of architecture described above, without forgetting conservatism and the delays caused by bureaucracy that does not often open itself to new horizons and remains tied to the usual monotonous and mundane environments. Professionals who will speak at the Architecture Exhibition in Venice in 2016 are called to share examples and practical cases in which architecture could, can and may help improve certain situations.

Unlike the previous editions, which have focused on the growing detachment between civil society and architecture, the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale in Venice opens up to innovation by presenting encouraging signs for the future. Past results will not only be subjected to critical judgement, but also analysed: from the birth of the question to how needs and desires have been expressed, from administrative, political and logic procedures to how architecture has managed to find constructive solutions beyond banality. It will be highlighted how positive results have been achieved thanks to an evolution in the relationship between the human organization and the discipline itself, a new approach that features a constructive dialogue between the two sides, so that architecture can lead us to a result that really makes a difference.

The Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2016 has the ultimate goal to show how architecture can be a valuable tool to improve some conditions or even solve some pressing current issues. Under this view, architecture becomes an indispensable means for modern civilization, not to pursue eccentric or formal styles, but to provide valuable assistance in many fields.

Architecture Biennale Venice 2016 Program Special Projects

  • 'Reporting from Marghera and Other Waterfronts', curated by Stefano Recalcati and presented in the exhibition area of Forte Marghera in Mestre, analyzes some urban renewal projects of industrial ports and aims to reflect on a possible productive regeneration of Porto Marghera.
  • 'A World of Fragile Parts', edited by Brendan Cormier and presented in the pavilion of the applied arts in the Hall of Weapons of the Arsenale. The project is the result of the collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Venice Biennale.
  • 'Report from Cities: Conflicts of an Urban Age', curated by Ricky Burdett, is a pavilion dedicated to the issues of urbanization that is always located in the Hall of Weapons of the Arsenale. The project falls within the framework of Urban Age, a project organized by the London School of Economics and the Alfred Herrhausen Society, and is linked to the issues that will be addressed in the World Conference of the United Nations (Habitat III) held in Quito in Ecuador in October 2016 .

Conversations on architecture

Throughout the opening period, the Architecture Exhibition in Venice in 2016 will be accompanied by an extensive program of meetings, among which we point out the welcome return of Saturdays with architecture with the architects participating in the exhibition and the annual conference 'Urban Age ', organized by the London School of Economics Cities and the Alfred Herrhausen Society of the Deutsche Bank, to be held on 16 and 17 July.

Biennale Sessions Educational & Show at the 2016 Venice Architecture

The Biennale of Architecture in Venice in 2016 renews its commitment in the field of research and training by facilitating the visit to the exhibition, including assistance with travel arrangements, guided tours and workshops.


Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 Dates

28 May to 27 November 2016

Venice Architecture Biennale opening hours

Hours: 10am to 6pm

Hours: 10am to 8pm only on Friday and Saturday until 24 September, limited to the Arsenale venue.

Closed on Mondays (except: 30 May, 5 September 31 October and 21 November)

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Period: From 28 May 2016 to 27 November 2016

Event location: Biennale Gardens and Arsenale in Venice

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