Arte Padova 2012: the prestigious modern and contemporary art exhibition in Padua is back.

From 09 November 2012 to 12 November 2012


From 9 to 12 November Arte Padova 2012 will propose, as usual, the best of modern and contemporary art including the greatest artistic movements of the 20th century and contemporary experiences. Building on the success of last year and the long tradition that precedes it, the Modern and Contemporary Art exhibition in Padua is certainly one of the most anticipated exhibitions in Padova in 2012.

ArtePadova 2012 celebrates the 23rd edition of the long established art market exhibition of Padova Fiere.

After the great numbers registered in 2011, more than 20,000 visitors, 150 national and international art galleries and 12,000 works of art, ArtePadova returns to present in the halls of Padova Fiere important works of modern art from the twentieth century to the contemporary scene.

The large number of fans and collectors that each year visit the famous art fair in Padova is welcomed in an innovative and advanced layout, in particular for Arte Padova 2012 the fair arrangements have been designed so that the works on show will receive more space and light.

A long standing contemporary art event amongst the exhibitions in Padua, the Padua Art Show is considered one of the most important art exhibitions in Italy thanks to the perfect combination of works of the highest level, meetings, events and initiatives dedicated to emerging artists.

Including major trends of the last century and productions of recent years, the modern art at Arte Padova Fiere is a bridge between past and present that over the years has been able to innovate and offer new challenges and ongoing changes combining traditional forms of expression, painting, sculpture and installation, modern expressions such as video art and photography.

The art exhibition in Padua will involve many parts of the city in a series of events and initiatives that are inserted in a more general regeneration of Padua to regain its historical and artistic identity.

Attendance and media interest in constant rise have rewarded the constant renewal that ArtePadova undertakes every year, presenting a series of exhibition and commercial initiatives that rival the most important art fairs in Italy and Europe.

Also the success, from a market point of view, of the trade centre of Padua is positive showing that art is a valuable investment in a period of general crisis and represents an asset that is not affected by market fluctuations over time as they do not devalue.

In 22 years ArtePadova has managed to build important trust relationships and collaborations with attending artists and galleries and has assumed great importance as a point of exchange and encounter between Italian and international art dealers: every year the most important galleries in Italy attend the art fair in Padova, including loyal historians and new entries, among which there are many European and American galleries.

After Bologna, the Padua art show is the longest running in Italy in the field of modern and contemporary art thanks to the extraordinary selecting ability and an offering that can group the different targets of collectors presenting a complete overview on the major historical and contemporary artistic movements: food for thought, and conference space for emerging artists will complement the wide offer of Arte Padova 2012.

Do not miss this unique appointment with contemporary art in Padua, a constantly changing show and in line with the times and the all new artistic trends!To take part in all the collateral events and the many conferences of Arte Padova 2012, book now your hotel in Padua and participate in the three-day event!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 09 November 2012 to 12 November 2012

Event location: Padova Fiere, via N. Tommaseo Padova

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