Artigianato Vivo 2013

From 04 August 2013 to 15 August 2013

Despite the increasingly busy schedule of Treviso events, the Artigianato Vivo Cison market in Valmarino continues year after year to attract thousands of visitors with a fascinating combination of tradition, art and folklore.

Since 1980 Artigianato Vivo in Cison di Valmarino is a beautiful resort and recognised as one of the most fascinating craft fairs in Veneto: about ten days in which flavours and typical products of Veneto are put on display in the scenic streets of the old town.

Artigianato Vivo 2013 brings to Cison Valmarino in Treviso, Italy events suitable for adults and children from 4 to 15 August: appetizing food stands, music, entertainment, and more than 200 artisans will enliven the area from the Oasis of San Francesco to Piazza Roma, involving the most characteristic areas of the resort such as the former spinning mill, the Brandolini Wineries, the Cortivo de Otimo and the San Vito church to Case Marian. The beautiful Via dellAcqua along the Rujo river, with the relaxing stroll to the Bosco delle Penne Mozze is included in the mostra Artigianato Vivo program in Cison.

Time seems to have stopped centuries ago in Cison in Valmarino, the beautiful location of Castelbrando Artigianato Vivo, the ancient castle that once kept watch on the traffic of the Via Claudia Augusta, overlooking the resort from above while the splendid seventeenth-century palaces that overlook Piazza Roma give a touch of Renaissance elegance to Cison... The mostra Artigianato Vivo Cison di Valmarino events transports visitors back in time, when it was possible to see the shopkeepers, carpenters, potters , glaziers, carpenters and artisans of all kinds in the streets of the village.

Now in its 33rd edition, the Artigianato Vivo in Treviso is one of the most anticipated events in the Veneto region in August: a fascinating journey to discover craftsmanship skills that are disappearing and local flavours that you can only fully appreciate on site. Also for 2013, the exhibitors of the summer mostra Artigianato Vivo Cison Valmarino are ready to prove themselves to impress visitors: paying attention to detail, passion, experimentation by using a wide range of raw materials which come together in a journey of emotions, flavours and sensations.

As usual, the Artigianato Vivo Castelbrando market offers a program that values the manual skills of the made in Italy artisan who interprets the taste and quality that have made Italian products famous all over the world.

The craftsmanship exhibition in Cison Valmarino Artigianato Vivo of Veneto presents again in 2013 the prize Artigianato Vivo, a recognition that wants to reward the craftsmen and shops that continue to create original products, made with skill and respect for tradition, keeping alive the spirit of the made in Italy despite globalization and the competition with other cultures.

During the mostra Artigianato Vivo exhibitors will create a unique workshop along the charming streets of the historic centre of Cison Valmarino: the numerous scheduled events are ready to amaze and involve the thousands of people who take part in these impressive craft markets in Castel brando in Veneto, Italy.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff