Artigianato Vivo 2017 in Cison di Valmarino

Take part in one of the most fascinating art and crafts markets near Treviso!

From 05 August 2017 to 15 August 2017

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Make a note of these dates on your calendar: from 5 to 15 August one of the most anticipated summer markets in Treviso, Italy, returns: 'Artigianato Vivo’! Cison di Valmarino, one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy, is hosting the 37th edition of Artigianato Vivo art and crafts market, a great combination of folklore, art and food. Among the Castelbrando events 2017, this is undoubtedly the most impressive: the narrow streets, courtyards, squares of the medieval village, the craftsmen who so passionately carry on centuries-old traditions, will give you a unique atmosphere!

Every year the Artigianato Vivo Cison di Valmarino, program attracts thousands of visitors from all over Italy to attend this extraordinary summer market. For ten days the ancient village of Cison will turn into a big workshop, where more than 200 artisans, from master goldsmiths, sculptors, masons, glaziers, potters and carvers, will enchant you with their demonstrations of skills in creating original artefacts.

‘Artigianato Vivo’, the famous market of Cison di Valmarino, Italy was launched in the early 80s to celebrate the art of manual skills, passed down for centuries from generation to generation, that has helped the 'made in Italy' products to be appreciated worldwide. Over the years ‘Artigianato Vivo’ has become one of the most popular art and crafts markets near Treviso. Today 'Artigianato Vivo' Castelbrando represents an unrepeatable opportunity to make a journey in time and relive the atmosphere of the farming and artisan crafts of fifty years ago, when sorghum brooms were made by hand, straw was collected to obtain comfortable chairs, or, wood was worked with great patience to obtained rakes and other tools useful to humans activities.

In the days dedicated to Artigianato Vivo at Cison di Valmarino every corner of the village becomes an open-air workshop: the stalls and lively music that reigns along the streets of the centre help to make it a living resort that would otherwise be destined to be abandoned and forgotten.

The 37th edition of ' Artigianato vivo’ runs, as usual, along the typical narrow cobblestone streets of Cison di Valmarino: the summer market starts from the southern part of the inhabited area, across the Oasis of San Francesco to the old town. Along the way, characterized by small bridges, narrow streets, ancient shrines and wonderful views, you will come across fascinating places of great historical interest, such as the small Church of San Vito, the area of the former Spinning Mill, the Cortivo de Otimo and further north, the former Brandolini Cantine, which recently underwent a redevelopment that has transformed the great original premises into a modern, well equipped exhibition space; from here you continue towards the west until you reach the central Piazza Roma.

Artigianato vivo Treviso is considered one of the most important fairs in Veneto. 'Artigianato vivo’ 2017 in  Cison di Valmarino is not only an exhibition of old crafts but also an encounter with art, music, entertainment, food and wine. In the five dining outlets – events 2017 at Cison di Valmarino Treviso Italy you can taste typical local dishes and taste excellent wines from Veneto. A further confirmation of the unbreakable bond that has always united Treviso to the surrounding land.

The full program of ‘Artigianato Vivo’ Cison 2017 includes numerous events in Cison di Valmarino: exhibitions, meetings, debates, theatre performances, concerts, promenades and tours. Ample space is also given to younger visitors, offering workshops, street performers and fun entertainment shows in the main streets.

This year the Pro Loco of Cison di Valmarino, Italy with the collaboration of Confartigianato Vittorio Veneto, proposes the initiative ‘Artigianato Vivo’ Award': the competition, now in its 14th edition, aims to enhance and promote the small shops that stand out for originality , tradition, beauty and crafting ability of products made. The award ceremony will be held on Wednesday 10th August at 9.00pm in Piazza Roma.

In Cison of Valmarino, Italy, events, crafts and traditions come together in a unique location: the picturesque medieval village, located along the river Rujo, is perched on the majestic Castelbrando, once called Castello della Costa. Thanks to major restoration work, the castle has recently been returned to all its elegance and now houses an elegant hotel, a restaurant and is home to interesting museums that are open to the public.

The beauty of the landscape combined with the charm of the ancient works makes the exhibition of handmade crafts at Cison di Valmarino, Italy one of the most anticipated art and craft market in Italy 2017. During Artigianato Vivo the exhibitors will leave visitors speechless: their passion for the old traditions, the attention to detail and the amazing dexterity in the work of raw materials will intertwine to give life to a journey of colours, flavours, emotions and sensations.

In Cison of Valmarino, Italy the events never end! From 5 to 15 August 2017 do not to miss 'Artigianato vivo’, where time seems to have stopped: old crafts, workshops, food stands and entertainment for young and old alike await you to spend ten unforgettable days!


Saturday 5 from 6.00 pm

Sunday 6 and 13 and Monday 15 from 9.00 am

Monday 7, Thursday 10, Saturday 12 and Monday 14 from 5.00 pm

Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9 and Friday 11 from 2.00 pm

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Period: From 05 August 2017 to 15 August 2017

Event location: Cison of Valmarino, Treviso

Contacts: Artigianato vivo program and more information at

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