Asiago Fiocchi di Luce 2014

one of the largest fireworks competitions in Italy

From 14 February 2014 to 16 February 2014


The province of Vicenza is preparing to host one of the largest fireworks competitions in Italy... From 14 to 16 February Asiago Fiocchi di Luce 2014 will be on stage!


Spearheading the calendar of Vicenza events in 2014, the piromusicale Asiago show will be held at Romeo Sartori Airport offering three days of unforgettable emotions


Now in its 7th edition, the international fireworks show in Asiago now enjoys an important recognition and attracts thousands of passionate and curious spectators every year.


The uniqueness and success of the fires of the Asiago fiocchi di luce programme is related to the interaction between the music and pyrotechnic displays in Asiago, with unique lighting effects and colours to emphasize the feel and sounds of the music. The stunning scenery that the plateau of Asiago offers cannot to be underestimated. In fact, the Asiago light flakes could not find a more picturesque location


The three companies - from Russia, Spain and Italy - who are participating in the Asiago programme light flakes - will take turns to surprise and engage the public and operators with artistic and exciting fireworks. The companies that are participating in the International fireworks show 2014, have been selected on a strict criterion of artistic quality and safety checks, and who can demonstrate their skills and competence without any risks.


In addition, the choice of companies from three different nationalities will allow the public to understand the processing methods and traditions of their respective countries as they animate the extraordinary Asiago fireworks.


The fireworks competition in Asiago will transport the viewer into a surreal dimension where sounds and colours come together in perfect harmony for about 18 minutes, without any interruptions or distractions that might ruin the magical atmosphere.

The first part of the several shows this Asiago events of fireworks in February 2014 will be based on a famous success of Italian music chosen by the organizers; while the second part will be managed independently by the participants who will be able to showcase the music from their countries of origin.


Asiago Fiocchi di Luce  - Programme

Friday 14 February -10pm


Saturday 15 February - 10pm


Sunday 16 February - 5.30pm

Parente Fireworks (Italy)


Asiago Fiocchi di Luce 2014, a program not to be missed! Treat yourself to a magical weekend in the mountains of the province of Vicenza, Italy an event made even more beautiful by a truly unique location.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 14 February 2014 to 16 February 2014

Event location: Asiago

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