Asiago Fiocchi di Luce Fireworks Show 2016

sounds and colours for one of the most exciting firework shows in Italy

From 12 February 2016 to 14 February 2016


The Vicenza events for 2016 renew the appointment with one of the largest firework shows in Asiago and Veneto. From 12 to 14 February Asiago Fiocchi di Luce 2016 will offer three days of great emotions of light, music and fun!

Now in its 9th edition, the famous Asiago fireworks show annually attracts thousands of loyal fans, but also many new visitors curious to see with their own eyes the famous fireworks of Asiago which now enjoys a large international resonance.

The fireworks show will take place as usual at the Airport Romeo Sartori for three consecutive days, from late afternoon. The crown jewel of the Asiago Plateau is offering a great fireworks show for the Vicenza Events calendar of 2016!

The success of the Fiocchi di Luce of Asiago 2016 is related to the interaction between music and pyrotechnic art: sounds, lighting effects and colours have to follow, and especially emphasize, the feel of the background music. Not to be underestimated is the extraordinary scenery offered by the plateau of Asiago: the fireworks 2016 could not find more attractive location.

As per tradition, three companies will participate in the Fiocchi di Luce of Asiago 2016 program. They will take turns to bring a captivating show for audiences and professionals with unique and beautiful fireworks. The companies working on 'Asiago Fireworks 2016' will be selected according to a strict artistic and safety criteria and will have to demonstrate their skills in a 'battle' with no holds barred!

Generally the companies selected to participate in fireworks show in Asiago are of different nationalities: in this way the audience will have the opportunity to capture the different processing methods and traditions of the countries called to animate the extraordinary fireworks show in Asiago.

The Asiago international fireworks competition 2016 will transport the viewer into a surreal dimension where sounds and colours blend in perfect harmony for about 18 minutes, with no interruptions or distractions that can ruin the magical atmosphere that is created.

The music providing the base of the fireworks show in Asiago 2016 program will be partly chosen by the organizers of the event and in part by the participating companies: viewers will then see how the parties in the race are combined with a common music and later a melody chosen by themselves, which often follows the culture and musical tradition of the nation.

The Fiocchi di Luce in Asiago 2016 also proposes the photo contest 'Focus'! A highly awaited contest dedicated to photography enthusiasts who can capture the best moments of the event and then send them to the City of Asiago which will reward the best shots. Joining is free, you just have to prove your skills with original and exciting photos!

Asiago Fireworks should not be missed! Treat yourself to a magical weekend in the mountains of the province of Vicenza, made even more beautiful by one of the many unique events in Vicenza, Italy. Do not forget that the fireworks show in Asiago includes Sunday 14 February 2016 (Valentine's Day). What better location to celebrate your love? A long and extraordinary fireworks display surrounded by beautiful scenery!

A popular winter tourist destination, Asiago is the main centre of the Asiago Plateau: at an altitude of about 1000m above sea level, the town was rebuilt after the bombings of World War I, which had almost completely razed it to the ground. Today Asiago is noticeable for the size of its squares and streets, much larger than other mountain resorts, and the architectural beauty of its buildings. A walk in Asiago cannot leave out the gardens and the fountain of the Faun, the Cathedral of St. Matthew and its original sundials, the majestic military shrine, the Church of St. Rocco and the Park Millepini. There are also many opportunities for Vicenza, Italy events and entertainment offered by the cinemas and theatres, shops and typical products of all kinds in Asiago. There is lots on offer for lovers of winter sports with over 500 km of trails for cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding and cross-country trails for snowshoeing. Not forgetting the major ice rink where you can watch the Italian Serie A ice hockey games!

The fireworks Show in Asiago has become a major event in Asiago in February and represents the perfect opportunity to discover Asiago and other famous places of the plateau, such as Lusiana, Enego, Roana, Rotzo, Gallio, Foza and Conco.

Alternatively, there is a lovely city of art located just an hour's drive from Asiago... Or you could stay in Vicenza and reach the plateau just for the fireworks? If you're staying a few days in Veneto you could arrange a guided tour of Vicenza with us and enjoy the magical city of Palladio at 360°!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff