Asiago Lightflakes

third edition of Asiago Lightflakes

From 20 February 2009 to 22 February 2009


The third edition of Asiago Lightflakes, a magnificent thrill for the eyes and ears, with fireworks timed to music, coincides this year with the 100th anniversary of tourism in the Altopiano region. To underline this occasion the event will be transformed by competitions and tours along some of the most symbolic places for local tourism.

There are three locations for the fireworks show: Laghetto Lumera, Bellocchio,famous for its ski-jumping competition, and lastly the airport Romeo Sartori (site of the first two editions). Each show begins at 9.30 p.m. and features artistic exhibitions and a trampolining display by the ski school of Asiago. Each evening will also be accompanied by readings and a video show. These areas have contributed enormously to the potentiality of tourism in the area, and are proudly celebrating not only 100 years of the past but also their continued future successes.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 20 February 2009 to 22 February 2009

Event location: Asiago - Vi

Contacts: 0424 464081 (Comune di Asiago) 0424 462221 (Iat Altopiano)