At the table with the DOP Bassano White Asparagus Asparaguses & Vespaiolo

From 25 April 2011 to 13 June 2011

It is the 31st edition for the gastronomic event At the table with the DOP Bassano White Asparagus Asparagus & Vespaiolo, organized by the Protection Consortium together with the restaurant owners of Bassano. An unmissable happening on all tables that is also a vehicle of promotion of cultural events. April and May are the two staple months for this vegetable, which blooms in spring and is always a winning flavour regardless of what one decides to combine it with, be it the main ingredient or a sort of scent within more elaborate food recipes. We are talking of the asparagus and its Bassano del Grappa variety, white, sweet but sour, simply irresistible when accompanied with boiled eggs and a touch of extra virgin olive oil, or as the base for risotto, but also tasty when fried and light when cooked on charcoals.

The DOP Bassano asparagus is always tasty and it is around this time of the year that restaurants in the town centre and its proximity make best use of it in the recipes prepared for their clients. But one can also taste it during the week and at the weekend in the open-air markets, where the whole offering of the food tradition of the province of Vicenza can be found. The ideal sipping accompaniment for the Bassano del Grappa white asparagus is the Vespaiolo wine, another DOC product from the Breganze area and a local source of pride. As the title of the event is suggesting, this is a joint effort with the Breganze DOC Wines Protection Consortium that mirrors the perfect combination of the flavours of these two excellent produces of the Vicenza area.

During the gastronomic event At the table with the DOP Bassano White Asparagus Asparagus & Vespaiolo two prize giving exhibitions centred around the promotion of the other DOP, DOC and IGP Veneto wines will take place in Bassano del grappa and the nearby Ros on 25th April and 1st May respectively. There also will be succulent theme-based food tastings. Jacopo under X rays is the exhibition being held from 30th April to 1st May at the Civic Museum in Bassano del Grappa, here again there will be a buffet with asparagus. Finally, on May 14th, in conjunction with the National Museum Night, the Civic Museum will remain open and will offer asparagus tastings to accompany visitors in the museum.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff