Audi in City Golf: the exclusive city golf tournament is back in Cortina dAmpezzo in summer 2012

From 13 July 2012 to 14 July 2012

Now one of the most awaited for and exciting events in Cortina, Italy, Audi in City Golf is one of the leading golf events in Italy showcasing a unique and thrilling golf tournament.

On 13 and 14 July the Audi in City Golf trophy will arrive in Cortina and will then move to Florence for the grand finale on 5 and 6 October.

Presented for the first time in Cortina with a stunning high-flying shot from the Faloria cable car to the hole positioned at the Olympic bobsleigh ice rink, Audi in city golf in Cortina is unique amongst the events of Cortina since this golf tournament occurs along the city streets instead of the classic green.

City Golf Cortina takes place in a spectacular setting, along the beautiful meandering streets of the town centre, the famous sites of the 1956 winter Olympics and the Noul golf course.

Audi in City Golf 2012 will see the participation of golf professionals and celebrities: 18 holes for one of the best Cortina dAmpezzo events in summer 2012.

In coincidence with Audi in City Golf Cortina, Italy there will be many entertaining events that will get the public involved with the aim of increasing the popularity of this elegant sport.

The opening of Audi In City Golf 2012 took place in Florence on 5 April with an amazing shot: from the Arnolfo Tower at Palazzo Vecchio, golf champions Giulia Sergas and Lorenzo Gagli were given the task to putt the ball on the Cabriolet Audi in Piazza della Signoria.

Audi in City Golf 2012, a tournament with sport and showbiz that will bring two days of fun and exciting competitions in Cortina!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff