Autumn in Borgo Altinate

16 November 2008

In addition to its cultural and historical treasures Padua is a city which offers a myriad things to do and see: enhancements to the classic cultural visit which enrich your holiday and give you the real flavour of local life. All of Paduas important tourist sites are within walking distance of the centre, which is also the hub of local activity, thus allowing you to encounter the inhabitants in their daily routines.

A perfect opportunity which combines tourism with local life is the Autumn market Borgo Altinate, where the seasonal atmosphere and gaily-coloured scene looks forward to the Christmas holiday: fragrances and flavours of local gastronomy mingle in the air between via Altinate and via Zabarella, this elegant area with its traces of the medieval (the Porta Altinate) where all the shops are open for the occasion. On offer for tasting are wines, the exquisite chestnuts of the Euganean Hills, and pumpkin (the most common ingredient for local dishes during this season as well as delicacies from the finest local producers. Also on offer are flowers, plants, and arts and crafts in the grand tradition. All in all everything you need to treat yourself and your loved ones for the forthcoming Christmas.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff