Backup Tour: Jovanotti at the Stadio Euganeo of Padua

13 July 2013

The Jovanotti Backup Tour 2013 began on 7 June in Italy... a summer of big concerts in the main stages of the peninsula.

After the dates of Bari, Bologna, Milan, Florence, Rome, Salerno, Palermo and Pescara... Saturday 13 July will be the turn of the concerto Jovanotti in Padova 2013, the only stage in Veneto of the extraordinary Jovanotti Backup Tour.

The Jovanotti Tour 2013 follows the release of the collection published to celebrate his 25 year career. For months, among the best-selling records, Backup tells the sounds, emotions and visions: Jovanotti tour Italia for 2013 shows at 360 his boundless musical energy, the result of a contagious vitality and an artistic sensibility which is constantly evolving.Jovanotti, the Italian singer has fun and entertains the audience with an original show each time... The Jovanotti concert at the Stadio Euganeo in Padua follows this unique formula, a show within the show of the many dates of the Jovanotti tour dates 2013.

After the successful series of live performances in the United States, the Jovanotti concerst for 2013 are set to be full of surprises: Lorenzo will be accompanied by his crew, ready to excite the audience with a visual, aural and emotional experience. Photographers, video artists, artists of light and sound accompany the Jovanotti tour Italia to involve his fans with a show designed just for stadiums.

For Jovanotti concerti 2013 there will be a special song list, which will offer the best of the vast repertoire of the artist with many surprises in the choice of songs and arrangements. The Jovanotti 2013 Tour will offer alternative songs, collaborations, outakes and rarity taken from the extraordinary collection of the same name and celebrated in a long Jovanotti tour.

Saturday 13 July Padova concerts 2013 will offer Jovanotti Backup Tour which promises to be a truly unforgettable evening, a long-awaited meeting with his fans who will finally be able to see him live.

As always Jovanotti, Italia stands as one of the most original and engaging entertainers, especially in the organization of concerts: the wide open spaces and excellent acoustics of the stages included in the Jovanotti tour 2013 for the Padova music concerts will offer the perfect venue to capture the soul of this great artist in the best way.

Padova concerts offer Lorenzo Jovanotti at the Stadio Euganeo. Do not miss the only stop on the tour of Jovanotti in Padua!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 13 July 2013

Event location: Padova, Stadio Euganeo

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