Bassano del Grappa Opera Festival 2012

Nabucco and Don Giovanni on stage at Palabassano

From 30 November 2012 to 30 December 2012


One of the most important Vicenza events will begin in a few days: the Bassano del Grappa opera festival 2012 with Nabucco at Bassano del Grappa. Four captivating appointments at the great opera festival in Bassano del Grappa: 30 November and 2 December with 'Nabucco' by Verdi, 27 and 30 December with 'Don Giovanni' by Mozart.

At Palabassano in Bassano del Grappa, an opera in two new productions for one of the most fascinating Bassano del Grappa events of music!The work of one of the greatest Italian composers, 'Nabucco' was able to represent in music the spirit of the Italian Risorgimento through a theme that is still valid to the present day. Composed in 1840, 'Nabucco' by Giuseppe Verdi talks about the Jewish captivity under the Assyrian-Babylonian empire, a theme that struck a cord with the feelings of the people of Lombardy and Veneto, oppressed by the Austrian domination, leading them to identify themselves with the plight of the Jewish people. The beautiful singing of the "Va pensiero" went straight to the heart of the Italian people and became the symbol of our Risorgimento, a transposition in of the Italian patriotic spirit. With his work Verdi succeeded in giving new life to the Italian opera, an example for future generations of musicians and citizens. Nabucco in Bassano del Grappa will be staged with a cast of international artists conducted by Antonio Pirolli. Outfits, costumes and direction are entrusted to the genius of Stefano Poda.

Considered one of the greatest masterpieces of Mozart, 'Don Giovanni' is a work poised between comedy and tragedy, a plot where ensemble moments and acting strike a balance that is unmatched in other opera works of the 18th century. After its debut in Prague in October 1787, the life stage of Don Giovanni has never stopped, a work adored by great artists like Byron, Goethe and Kierkegaard, and the subject of numerous interpretations directed by the greatest masters of all time. Bassano Don Giovanni will be directed by Giampaolo Bisanti, while the direction is entrusted to Federico Bertolani.

Dont miss Bassano del Grappa opera and one of the key events in Bassano del Grappa which is waiting for you with four dates of intense emotions! In Bassano del Grappa, Christmas events for all tastes: take advantage of the opera festival di Bassano to discover the traditional Christmas markets or to visit the great exhibition on 20th century Italian Painters, on stage until 20 January 2013.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff