Be Comics! Comics Trade Show 2017

Three days dedicated to the varied world of comics!

From 17 March 2017 to 19 March 2017

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From 17th to 19th March 2017 the doors of Be Comics! open to the public. The city of Padua is gearing up for the first edition of a fascinating festival dedicated to video games, animation, comics and manga! Three days of major events covering different sectors of Pop Culture that will take place in the squares, palaces and other locations of the city!

A highly evocative poster and two original prizes, awarded by two outstanding juries, are the main features of the first comics trade show in Padua: the city is getting ready to welcome big names in the world of comics and thousands of fans for an exciting project that aims to establish itself among the leading comics exhibitions in Italy.

The poster of Padova Comics 2017
The image of a girl, immersed in reading underneath dozens of balloons, as a symbol of the explosive energy of comics and the myriads of stories and images that they open up in the mind. This drawing is mainly black and white with some bright red details evoking the official colours of the comics trade show in Padua. The poster, designed by Lorenzo LRNZ Ceccotti, one of the most acclaimed authors of Italian comics scenes, was conceived to be a direct expression of comics, to convey the energy and creativity that characterize them.

Be Comics! - The prizes
Original awards aimed at rewarding young talents and already established professionals of the ninth art in Italy.

  • Fumetto25 Award: aimed at young cartoonists up to 25 years of age who have made a publication in comics (in any publishing format: self-productions, books, albums, digital, ...) during the years 2015/2016. The winner will receive a €2,000 award. The critic Matteo Stefanelli, the cartoonists Bianca Bagnarelli, Tuono Pettinato and Paolo Bacilieri and the writer Fabio Genovesi make up the jury.
  • Cover Design Comics Award: this will award the author of the best cover among the Italian comics works published during 2016 with a cash prize of €500.00. The jury will be composed by the art director Marco Cendron, the critic Evil Monkey and cartoonists Massimo Giacon and Nicolò Pellizzon.

Matteo Crosera, the organizer of Be Comics! fair in Padova, explains the dualistic goal of the two above-mentioned awards. Firstly, to make known to the public young authors whose works have enriched the national creative landscape, and secondly, to promote authors of covers, given their importance in the first impact of comics, capturing the attention of readers on the shelves of bookstores and comic shops. The decision to give the winners a cash prize is intended as a tangible signal of support to the daily work of the illustrators.

For the entire duration of the comics trade shows in Italy (2017), the Altinate San Gaetano Culture Center will host important comics and manga publishing houses as well as meetings, conferences, debates, presentations and workshops: you will have the opportunity to buy the latest issue of your favourite comics and have it autographed, meet authors, attend performances of the best artists around and premieres! In addition to this, the Altinate Centre will also host the exhibition 'Super Robot World', by Fabrizio Modina, open until 21st May 2017.

But let us give you a brief overview of what awaits you at the first Padova comics fair:


The San Gaetano Culture Centre will be the hub of the event: presentations, workshops, and new exhibitors ... With graphic novels, comic books, sci-fi and art installations!


‘We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing - G.B. Shaw
Prato della Valle will house a large marquee in which you can get lost among a plenitude of board and role games: collaboration, strategy, three-dimensional miniatures, resource management, adventure, cards, role, not to mention hobby models. If you are a games lover, you can already start to plan to spend your days here! Wandering around associations and tournaments, publishers, stores, and the latest trends you will embark on a creative and exciting journey!


Numerous locations and pavilions throughout Padua will allow you to reach exciting new levels and to try games you have never seen!


Be Comics in Padova has an entire area devoted to Japan! In the historic Piazza Eremitani you will enter the magical world of Japan fans, with lots of cherry trees in bloom ... A real plunge in to the ancient Japanese tradition of costumes, ramen, handicrafts, figures, manga, demons and models! Led by a group of experts, you will establish direct contact with Japan by participating in ceremonies such as the kimono dressing or tea drinking, get to know the mysteries of the Japanese language and etiquette and attend thrilling demonstrations of calligraphy and silk painting. There will also be many stalls with crafts of the Rising Sun, traditional food, action figures and gadgets Made in Japan!


Prato della Valle will also host a large stage where shows, performances and free concerts for all ages will be staged! On stage, the Cosplay Contest lead by Giorgia Vecchini, best known as Giorgia Cosplay: masters in the difficult art of interpretation, knights, monsters and superheroes will wander freely over the whole city with the accompaniment of parades and events dedicated to them!


The Padova comics fair could not ignore little ones! Indeed, an entire section will be dedicated to children with workshops, games and events aimed at younger audiences who for the first time will approach the all-encompassing realm of creativity and imagination. Publishing houses and children products will be juxtaposed to a series of activities related to the world of comics and meant to involve the whole family!


In addition to 'Super Robot World' at the San Gaetano Culture Centre, Be Comics! also includes a series of exhibitions dedicated to pop culture... At Palazzo Zuckermann and Samonà Gallery as well as Caffè Pedrocchi and many other locations around Padua, you will find original collectible drawings of authors from the past and present, cel animation and action figures on anime, comics and films that continue to thrill entire generations. All exhibitions are strictly with free admission!


Food truck, the now famous touring stalls offering flavours and food experiments from all over the world, will come to Padua to reveal the world of pop-food to visitors!

Be Comics! Fair Padova 2017 event is organized by the Municipality of Padua in collaboration with Arcadia Arte.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff