Be Comics! Comics Trade Show 2019

Two days of fun with comics, manga, games, entertainment and much more!

From 23 March 2019 to 24 March 2019

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After the great success of the last two editions, March 24-25 sees the return of Be Comics! Padova is once again hosting the entertaining festival dedicated to video games, animation, comics and manga! Two days of major events covering different sectors of Pop Culture that will take place in the squares, palaces and other locations of the city!

In this 3rd edition of the comics trade show in Padua, the city is getting ready to welcome big names in the world of comics and thousands of fans for an exciting project that has already made significant inroads into the calendar of comics fairs in Italy. The new highly anticipated edition of Be Comics in Padua will open its doors to the most important publishers in the world of comics as well as acclaimed national and international guests, whilst also featuring a packed series of events, talks and new things dedicated to the lovers of the Ninth Art and workshops run by the best artists in this field. At this year’s Padova Comics fair 2019 great attention will be given to young and selected upcoming artists who will be able to prove their talent at the Artist Alley.

The centre of Be Comics, Padova in 2019, will house 7 areas dedicated to the different categories that make up the Ninth Art: Comics and Manga Area with the main comic book publishers, Games and Japan Area with table games and the best from the Japan style, Videogames Area with hundreds of gaming consoles, YouTuber and Cosplay stage with shows and music, Junior Area with activities, games and workshops for children.

Finally, there will be special Exhibitions that will be displayed at the Altinate San Gaetano Culture Center from 23 March to 7 April 2019 and in several locations in the city.

The poster of Padova Comics Fair 2019
Tuono Pettinato is the author of the poster of the Padova comics fair in 2019 where Padua is represented as magically invaded by giant characters inspired by Japan’s imaginary pop world which combines contemporary comics with quality games and videogame entertainment. Through this lively poster, Tuono focuses on the imaginary world of anime and manga, already at the center of previous editions, which this year will be heightened with one of the most amazing authors of hyper-contemporary manga exclusively from Japan, Tetsuya Tsutsui!

Be Comics! - The prizes
The tender published by Progetto Giovani Padova in collaboration with Be Comics INSIDECOMICS#3 has been confirmed again for 2019. The tender is aimed at illustrators, cartoonists and authors under 35 years who want to present their work to the experts and professional of this art. The theme of this edition will be 'MONSTERS': the participants will have to present a self-contained story of any kind, from horror to current events and history to personal.

But let us give you a brief overview of what awaits you at the Padova comics fair:

    Be Comics Padova 2019 will be full of not-to-be-missed events: authors’ talks, signing sessions and exclusive moments will delight all fans, even the most demanding. The new edition is ready to kick-off with many new features worthy of the third year and hailing directly from Japan!
    ‘We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing - G.B. Shaw
    New spaces at the Be Comics 2019 fair in Padova, with hundreds of stations to try out the latest releases, tournaments, simulations and many board games, including strategy, adventure, cooperation, role and, unmistakably, cards as well.
    There will also be areas dedicated to collecting, model making and three-dimensional miniatures: enthusiasts off things all comics will find the latest news and live their passions in the company of important names of this art.
    Two areas will be completely dedicated to the most famous bricks of all time: Legos and Duplo!
    Be Comics in Padova has an entire area devoted to Japan! Inside the halls of Padova Fiere, you will enter the magical world of Japan fans, with lots of cherry trees in bloom ... A real plunge in to the ancient Japanese tradition of costumes, ramen, handicrafts, figures, manga, demons and models! Led by a group of experts, you will establish direct contact with Japan by participating in ceremonies such as the kimono dressing or tea drinking, get to know the mysteries of the Japanese language and etiquette and attend thrilling demonstrations of calligraphy and silk painting. There will also be many stalls with crafts of the Rising Sun, traditional food, action figures and gadgets Made in Japan!
    In Padua, there will also be a Cosplay area, dedicated to those who like to reproduce the characters of their manga and comics as faithfully as possible. Worthy of mention are the new features of this third edition thanks to the special collaboration with Epicos! A large stage will host performances, shows and free concerts for all ages! On stage also the unmissable contest valid for the National Cosplay Championship. The winner of the competition will participate in the final on the stage of Lucca Comics & Games 2019. Masters in the difficult art of acting, riders, monsters and superheroes will roam free throughout the city, with lots of parades and events dedicated to them!
    The Padova comics fair could not ignore little ones! Indeed, an entire section will be dedicated to children with workshops, games and events aimed at younger audiences who for the first time will approach the all-encompassing realm of creativity and imagination. Publishing houses and children products will be juxtaposed to a series of activities related to the world of comics and meant to involve the whole family!
    At the San Gaetano Culture Centre, Be Comics! also includes a series of exhibitions dedicated to pop culture... You will find original collectible drawings of authors from the past and present, cel animation and action figures on anime, comics and films that continue to thrill entire generations.

Be Comics! Fair Padova 2019 event is organized by the Municipality of Padua in collaboration with Arcadia Arte.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 23 March 2019 to 24 March 2019

Event location: Padua

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