Beady Eye in concert

08 October 2011

Beady Eye are made up of Liam Gallagher, Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock, all ex-members of the well known English band Oasis.

This new adventure from the Manchesters artists has been sparkled by the rift between Noel Gallagher and the legendary British band. The new band came into being thanks to the initiative of Liam who started, together with his mates, to write and record the new tracks in November 2009, after the release to the public of three simple anticipating clips ("Bring The Light", "Four Letter Word" and "The Roller"). At the end of last February the new album was finally released with the title Different Gear, Still Speeding.

At the heart of this project is still Liam Gallaghers magnificent voice, a damned musician for his erratic and obsessive personality in the shadow of John Lennon, of whom he considers himself to be an admirer and a reincarnated heir: a lippancy that reflects this artists eclectic personality. With their strong British resonances, the thirteen rock roll tunes inthe album make it clear that the bands message is still alive and kicking.

In Padova at the Gran Teatro Geox on October 8th 2011, a new stage is opening for this new British project, which is still preserving the values and reverberations of the old band, but also facing a new important challenge that must be won for all Oasis long standing fanatics.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff