Beans Market Festival 2010

From 17 September 2010 to 19 September 2010

An event dedicated to the promotion of the renowned Lamon beans, a legume introduced in the Belluno area almost 500 years ago when the humanist Pietro Valeriano started cultivating them after receiving a few seeds as a gift from Pope Clement VII. The sun baked land around Lamon, sheltered by the surrounding mountains, soon proved to be ideal ground for this crop and in a short time these beans, originally from South America, became part of the goods that merchants from Venice used to exchange in the markets across Europe a fact that made them very popular and turned them into widespread food for people in Europe. The Lamon beans received a sort of official stamp of approval from the Catholic Church which designated it, together with baccal, as a meal to be consumed during Lent. This is, in short, the history of this pod which is nowadays still very popular and is celebrated every year in its originating land with a dedicated event during the third weekend in September, under the organization of the Local Administration of Lamon, the Consortium for the Protection of Lamon beans and the Lamon Pro Loco. A feast mixing food, crafts, exhibitions and folklore where this food gem can be tasted next to other local produces whilst a variety of events are taking place.

During the event it will be possible to purchase this precious legume and also taste it cooked according to different recipes inside food stalls put up especially for this celebration. In 1993 the Consortium for the protection of the Lamon beans of the Belluno valleys was started and in 1996 this legume, which is still cultivated following traditional techniques, received the PGI marking from the European Union. Within the event there will also be exhibitions on the local history and traditions and different kinds of shows, such as historic re-enactments, forestry ability contests, circus displays, live music and much more. There will also be ample room for arts and local crafts with sections within the exhibition for craftsmen and sculptors. All in all an amazing event that will not fail to attract thousands of people, which as in the past editions could easily reach over 30.000.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 17 September 2010 to 19 September 2010

Event location: Lamon (BL)

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