Benvenuta Vendemmia 2011

From 18 September 2011 to 02 October 2011

September is the ideal month to rediscover and relish again the extraordinary atmosphere of the Italian countryside when grapevines are ready to be picked and wineries are opening their doors to the public to offer great opportunities for unforgettable tasting excursions. This is the time of the Grape Harvest Festival, the gathering at the end of the summer, organized by the wineries associated with the Wine Tourism Movement.

Like Open Wineries and Calici di Stelle this event represents an additional opportunity for wine enthusiasts to spend a day in search of the most beautiful wineries in our region at a very suggestive time in the wine making process.

The Wine Tourism Movement has once again taken the decision to dedicate the Sundays of September (traditionally the wine picking month) to the celebration of the arrival of the grape harvesting time: a strategic moment, and a highly signifying one, for the wine makingprocess when people gather in happiness and anticipation for the wine about to be made.

The Grape Harvest Festival is taking place across Italy in over one hundred wineries from 18th September and the following Sundays until 2nd October. Dates vary according to the local climate conditions and form a calendar of ever increasing events.

As well as offering the opportunity to remain truly faithful to the different activities of wine making, the Grape Harvest Festival is also the ideal occasion for tourists and enthusiasts to watch the various stages of wine making. One will be directly involved with strolls through the vines, visits to the wineries and tastings of local produces in association with wines. Naturally, there will also be opportunities for fun and enjoyment with folklore shows, displays of wine making machinery and tastings of local produces.

All this will set in motion a typical grape harvesting festival, a special moment, a joyful opportunity to hope for a prosperous crop, with the involvement of aficionados and experts willing to become more in tune with the territory and all the local resources.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 18 September 2011 to 02 October 2011

Event location: Wine Tourism Movement Affiliated Wineries