Beppe Grillo in Delirio

03 October 2008

After last years memorable sell-out tour, Beppe Grillo returns to Padua on the 3rd October to confirm that his critical energy still never ceases to involve and fascinate the public: his new show Delirio has already brought in huge advance sales.Beppo talks about the themes of this show, which we are wrong in defining merely as comic: Our country is in total delirium. Our betters in Parliament are in a madhouse. They understand each other, but dont know what is real any more. They confuse this with their own interests. The future is nuclear power stations, incinerators, car parks, bridges over lanes, the tunnel of Val di Susa, digital TV and the magistrates on a leash. Theyre delirious about their politics of personality. They call it meaningful dialogue. We rely on other countries for our energy and ignore our own natural resources. We depend on other countries for our foodstuffs and we pave over our fields. Weve got one of the biggest public debts in the world, and we lend 5 million Euro to Libya. Egypt imports bread from the Ukraineand we import Chernobyl. Russia threatens Georgia with nuclear reprisal and we have American nuclear bases with 90 warheads in our land. The madmen think they are sane and the sane are mad. We have no alternative but do-it-yourself democracy, self-government, participation in every decision regarding the people. Outside the delirium, into reality.

Enjoy!Tickets on sale at COIN stores in Padua and Treviso, , Box Office, Primi alla Prima (branches of Veneziano, BCC Venete and Rurali Trentine banks Unicredit, Cassa di Risparmio at Padua and Rovigo, HappyTicket and Charta.


By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 03 October 2008

Event location: Palanet, Padua

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