Bernardo Bellotto: The Canaletto of the European Courts

From 11 November 2011 to 15 April 2012

Retracing the ventures that brought the aristocrats of Europe to discover and admire the life and masterpieces of the European capitals is now again a reality.

A tour along the paintings of Bellotto, Canaletto, Carlevariss and Marieschi that will again make it possible to experience the highs of the Venice vedutismo, the most innovative artistic event of the 18th century.

At Palazzo Sorcinelli it will be possible to trace through the artistic career of Bernando Bellotto, the nephew of the highly celebrated Antonio Canaletto, also known by the name Canaletto.Bellotto was able to portrait views of Dresda in a highly realistic way and highlight the everyday events of the aristocrats and common people of that time.

For this reason Bellotto became an ambassador of the European courts and his masterpieces will again make it possible to experience in this day and age what they meant and get in touch with the customs of that time.

A dive into the past that should not be missed.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff