Beyond the Alps and the Mediterranean

From 25 October 2007 to 30 June 2008

From the 25 October until the 30 June 2008 the Civic Museum of Natural History in Verona hosts this exhibition which intends to present to the public some of the most unusual collections of the museum. Pieces from outside Europe collected during the past 500 years by naturalists, explorers, adventurers, missionaries and researcher, and today on deposit in the museum. A fascinting voyage through time and space, discovering objects, plants, and strange, rare and curious animals, often which have ended up in the museum through circumstances not out of place in an adventure story. The further aim of the exhibition is to underline the problems relating to the conservation of similar collections and to highlight the dangers inherent in the commerce or illegal importation of endangered and protected animals and plants. A guided tour is also available for the exhibition.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff