Biennale Teatro 2013 International Theatre Festival in Venice

From 01 August 2013 to 11 August 2013

Now in its 42nd edition, the Venice International Theatre Festival 2013 will take place from 1 to 11 August: the first national and international meetings, workshops and special guests for the duration of the Biennale Teatro di Venezia.

The 42nd International Theatre Festival 2013 includes artists of the highest level, protagonists of the scene in recent decades will come to the Biennale Teatro Venezia in 2013: Anglica Liddell, Florian Borchmeyer, Thomas Ostermeier, Ute Lemper, Anna Viebrock, David Espinosa, Declan Donnellan , Enrico Casagrande and many more!Great guests will also be a point of reference for the younger generation of artists who will take part in College, the prestigious project of the Venice Theater Festival focuses on training. The Biennale College Theatre will play a leading role, as envisaged in the new mission adopted by the Venice Theatre Biennale, ready to invest in young people with training initiatives in all its areas of expertise.

In the fascinating training program of the Biennale del Teatro Venezia Festival a masterclass with Ute Lemper, five workshops on Shakespearean characters that will give life to 'Shakespeare', a path of 5 shows that will be offered to the public on the last day of the festival, a workshop with Romeo Castellucci, Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement winner at the 42nd Venice International Theatre Festival, and again dramaturgy, scenic design, critique and acting.

At the Biennale Teatro 2013, the College theatre workshop will be divided into 17 paths: hypotheses, experiments, discussions and meetings that will make the Biennale Venice Theatre a real point of reference for the new possibilities of the theatre, not to mention that the lucky College participants will have the opportunity to approach some of the biggest names in world theatre.

The director of the Theater Biennale Venice 2013 will be lex Rigola, Spanish author of major rewrites that have made him famous all over the world. A graduated at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona and passionate about modern and contemporary drama and appreciated theatre director, Alex Rigola will present at the Fenice Theatre Venice Italy 'El polcia of las ratas' (Teatro alle Tese in Venice, 2/3/6/7 August) that tells the search for a serial killer in an almost absurd world, with Kafka-like situations.

For the Theatre Biennale Venice Theatre Festival Venice an intense and very interesting programme, with shows in the most famous theatres of Venice, such as the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale of Venice, La Fenice Theatre, Venice, Teatro alle Tese, Venice (Arsenal Goldoni....

The performances of the Biennale Teatro Venezia 2013 will wind in several appointments a day for the duration of the festival.

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Period: From 01 August 2013 to 11 August 2013

Event location: Venice

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