Biennale Theatre 2015

The International Theatre Festival returns to Venice

From 30 July 2015 to 09 August 2015


From 30 July to 9 August 2015 the 43rd edition of the Biennale of Theatre Venice will take place: a full program of shows but also of activities and workshops that will make the event one of the most interesting theatre events in Venice in 2015.

The International Festival of Theatre Festivals 2015, directed this year by the famous Spanish writer Àlex Rigola and chaired by Paolo Baratta, will see the unfolding of 22 shows, including 9 in national premiere; 18 workshops, with the presence of playwrights, choreographers, filmmakers and artists from around the world, will help to express, through their diversity, contemporary theatre and its need to tell the present.

This edition of the Theatre Biennale of Venice has a very specific mission: to give emerging artists the opportunity to grow professionally, working together with great internally renowned masters. To give young people the right space, the main shows of the 43rd International Theatre Festivals will be joined by new creations of the Biennale College Theatre: thereby creating an interesting and productive link between the Festival and new ideas.

The rich calendar of the Biennale Theater events in Venice will be attended by great artists, from large international companies and former protagonists of the Biennale College Theatre project in past years. Jan Lauwers and the Needcompany will present 'The blind poet', a report on the handling of information and historical falsehoods over the last few centuries, while Thomas Ostermeier will take the stage at the Goldoni Theatre with the famous film 'The Marriage of Maria Braun', a sarcastic story of the second German post-war period. On the occasion of the 43rd Biennale Theatre in Venice, Romeo Castellucci, together with Societas Raffaello Sanzio, will stage 'Giulio Cesare. Separate parts', two monologues taken from the famous show of 1997.

Some artists have chosen the Venice International Theatre Festival to present their performances in national premiere: the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in 2015 Christoph Marthaler will inaugurate the event with 'Das Weisse vom Ei / Une île floating', an analysis of trickery communication made hilarious by a bizarre dialogue between two characters, one of which is French and the other German.

Determined metropolitan fighters, ready to do anything to survive, will be the stars of 'Never Forever', the work of the director-playwright Falk Richter, in Italy for the first time, while the young talent Fabrice Murgia, awarded the Silver Lion at the Biennale Theatre events in Venice in 2013, in his 'Notre peur de n'être' tells the story of hikimori, hyper-connected teenagers who live locked up in their rooms without any contact with the outside world.

As part of the Venice Biennale Theatre Festival at the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale di Venezia, the Spanish company La Zaranda will present 'Régimen of Pienso', a show of contemporary alienation that often occurs in the workplace and Christiane Jatahy a renowned Brazilian director, will present the work 'Miss Giulia' by August Strindberg, revisited in a personal and modern way.

The program of the Theatre Biennale in Venice at the Teatro alle Tese in Venice will host the show 'El Caballero de Olmedo' by Lluís Pasqual, Spanish director and Director of the Theatre Biennale in 1995, an original metaphor on abuse of power and intolerance recited by young emerging artists.

Antonio Latella, a well-known Italian actor and director, will participate in the 2015 Venice Biennale Theatre with three monologues recited in one evening. 'MA', 'Dear George' and 'A.H.' will represent the relationship of man with the world in three emblematic figures such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Francis Bacon and Adolf Hitler, while, at the Goldoni Teatro, the eclectic Lithuanian director Oskaras Koršunovas willtransform the dressing rooms of the leading actors into the rooms of the palace of Elsinore.

The Biennale Theatre - Arsenal in 2015 will also showcase the political theatre of Milo Rau with Hate Radio, a touching event that re-enacts the Radio Television station Libre des Mille Collines, a hateful racial campaign tool that decisively fomented the ethnicity genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994.

Another important initiative, reserved for the four most deserving young companies, is formed by the 'Young Italian Brunch' section, organized in collaboration with the Stabile Teatro of Veneto and the National Theatre, a project created to raise awareness of new theatre realities amongst Italians but mostly foreigner operators. The companies selected to bring to the stage of the Biennale at the Fondamente Nuove Theatre their latest works will be Helen Cirina, Anagoor, Common Kinetic and Babylon Theatres.

Theatre Festival in Venice has become a must not only for artists, but also for lovers of theatre, of directing and for those who are approaching the world of theatre for the first time. To actively involve all participants in the event, the Venice Theater Festival this year provides some interesting encounters between actors and audience, to be held the day after the show in order give objective and concrete evidence of the work that was represented on the stage.

A very important section of the Venice Theatre Festival are the Workshops - Biennale College Theatre, whose theme will be 'The earth trembles', from the famous neorealist film by Luchino Visconti. The selected artists, working together with great masters, will carry out a small-scale production that will be presented to the public, in various different places in Venice, on the last day of the Venice Theatre Biennale in 2015.

In addition to the workshop for directors and emerging actors, the workshops of the Biennale Theatre scheduled for this edition also include drama, lighting, stage and criticism, to provide an all-round training on the world of the theatre and all the activities that are connected to it.

The Venice Biennale Theatre Festival has become one of the most anticipated events in Venice today, not only for the innovative shows that are offered every year, but also because it represents a crossroads of experiences to be shared, of training sessions and exchanges of views, to fully understand the world of theatre and art in general.

In Venice, the International Theatre Festival awaits you from 30 July to 9 August 2015 with many shows, meetings, workshops and laboratories. By choosing one of our fantastic hotels, you can have peace of mind with the full program of the Theatre Biennale in 2015 and discover the rare beauty that only Venice can offer!

Biennale Theatre Venice

From 30 July to 9 August 2015

By Insidecom Editorial Staff