Biennale Teatro 2017

The Venice International Theatre Festival is back!

From 25 July 2017 to 12 August 2017

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The 45th edition of the Biennale Theatre will take place from 25 July to 12 August 2017: Venice is ready to host a rich program of events, activities and workshops on a festival that represents a time of sharing between artists, scholars and enthusiasts!

Directed by Antonio Latella, who has been assigned the direction of the International Theatre Festival in Venice for the four year period 2017-2020, the Theatre Biennale Venice - 2017 program focuses on women and the evolution of their talent: this will be at the centre of the whole direction, seen through the eyes of 9 European filmmakers who have a well-established artistic career behind them. Each director will bring 2 to 4 shows, almost all debut shows in Italy, to tell the story of their creative process: the creation of these personal mini films for each director makes it very easy to grasp the evolution of their artistic language even in a small amount of time. The choice to focus attention only on women stems from an ongoing need, a sort of creative urgency to find a language that can then evolve naturally and with great critical sense, a 'story' that is easier to identify compared to male colleagues.

From a broader perspective, Antonio Latella's direction wants to draw attention to talent, intended as a starting point for thinking about the future of the theatre through figures who have not yet achieved success, but who are working hard to find new languages. Directors, playwrights, actors who, through their ideas and their work, can contribute to the definition of 'tomorrow's theatre'.

Again this year there will be a successful integration of performances and workshops which sees actors, playwrights and directors become masters of the young artists selected to take part in the Biennale College Theatre. The project, which has been successfully developed in other sectors of the Venice Biennale, sees emerging artists work side by side to great teachers of international fame, offering them a real possibility of professional and personal growth.

The full schedule of the Venice theatre shows of the Biennale Teatro 2017 will also feature these nine European filmmakers, who will also collaborate on the Biennale Teatro College projects.

At the Theatre Festival Venice 2017, there will also be one of the most important figures of contemporary Polish theatre, following the line from Kantor to Lupa and Warlikowski, and even working alongside the latter: Maja Kleczewska is the Silver Lion 2017. She will inaugurate the Venezia Biennale 2017 Theatre:

  • The Rage (July 25th and 26th, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale), from the same-name theatrical work by Elfriede Jelinek, written after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

Tallin, born in 1969, performer, video artist and director, represented Estonia at the Visual Arts Biennial 2001: Ene-Liis Semper has an interdisciplinary curriculum that contributed to the creation of Theatre NO99, a company founded with Tiit Ojasoo which has already attended the most important festivals all over Europe. At the Biennale Theatre Venice 2017, it will perform:

  • Filth (July 26, Teese alla Tese)
  • El Dorado, the Clowns' Raid of Destruction (July 27th, Tese dei Soppalchi)

Another artist who boasts a multidisciplinary education is Nathalie Béasse, a French director who crossed the world of plastic arts and performing arts before continuing her research by founding a company. Relationships between body and object, narrative structure, boundaries between dance and theatre... The artistic formation of Béasse evinces from its concept of theatre as a manipulable matter where sensations and images blur the boundaries between real and imaginary. Festival Theatre - Biennale Venice 2017:

  • Le bruit des arbres qui tombent (July 28th, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale)
  • Tout semblait immobile (July 30th, Tese dei Soppalchi)
  • Roses (July 29th, Teatro alle Tese)
  • Happy Child (July 31st, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale)

The fascinating trilogy by Maria Grazia Cipriani covers a creative arc of over 30 years: the co-founder of the Teatro del Carretto, along with the costume designer and scenographer Graziano Gregori, has managed to bring her pioneering metamorphosis theatre all over the world, in an artistic realm suspended between fairy tales and reality... Stories that go back centuries in history to the origins of theatre, rich in unexpected plot turns! Theatre Festival in Venice:

  • Snow White (August 1st, Tese dei Soppalchi)
  • Pinocchio (August 1st, Teatro alla Tese), a fascinating journey into the dark areas of consciousness, as if it were a dream of Geppetto
  • One Thousand and One Nights (August 2nd and 3rd, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale), an endless, complex and elaborate story like a Chinese box

Directed by Paolo Grassi from Milan and graduated in dramaturgy at La Sapienza University in Rome: Livia Ferracchiati became known for the original titles of her works, such as 'I wish you a boyfriend like Nanni Moretti' and 'Sex Workers'. Hers is a ‘themed’ path, often dealing with little-known topics that require documentation and field inquiries.

  • Todi is a small town in the centre of Italy (August 2nd Tese dei Soppalchi), an investigation into the Italian province, on the limits that social control places on individual freedoms
  • Peter Pan looks under skirts (August 3rd, Tese dei Soppalchi), semi-finalist at the Scenario Prize,
  • Stabat Mater (August 4th, Tese dei Soppalchi)

'Peter Pan looks under skirts' and 'Stabat Mater', theatre works at the Venice Biennale Theatre Festival, are the first two chapters of the Trilogy on Identity, a journey centred on the dichotomy between body and mind concerning gender identity that aims at focusing on the deep discomfort of living in a body that is not perceived as one’s own.

Anna Sophie Mahler, director of prose and opera, founded the CapriConnection Company in 2006 with which she experimented an original idea of​play-performance, which includes the use of documentary material, music and images.

  • Tristan oder Isolde (August 4th, Teatro alle Tese), a pastiche elaborated by the remains of the Anna Viebrock set design for the Wagnerian work directed by Marthaler, of which Anna Sophie Mahler had been assistant
  • Alla fine del mare (August 5th, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale), inspired by Fellini's film 'E la nave va’, will stage at the International Venice Theatre Festival the stars of opera that deceased on a steamboat

Suzan Boogaerdt & Bianca Van der Schoot have been working together since 2000 and have been collaborating with Visual Statements for six years, a performance series dedicated to the world of entertainment and the role of images in contemporary society. The two shows presented at the Biennale Theatre in Venice belong precisely to Visual Statements.

  • Bimbo (August 5th and 6th, Teatro alla Tese)
  • Hideous (Wo)men (August 8th, Teatro alla Tese)

Performances for the major theatres of German-speaking countries and important artistic direction roles: Claudia Bauer has earned a solid position as a film director... At the Biennale Festival Theatre in Venice she will present:

  • Und Dann (August 8th, Tese dei Soppalchi), drawn from the text by Wolfram Höll, nominated playwright of the year in 2014 by the magazine Theater Heute,
  • Der Menschen Feind (August 9th, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale), performances in which theatrical language is deconstructed, giving space to the creation of new perspectives; it is a rewrite of the Moliere’s Misanthrope

The Golden Lion for Career Katrin Brack will leave in the Teatro alle Tese’s foyer one of her installations for the entire duration of the festival.

Actors, playwrights, stage designers, performers, singers, musicians and dancers selected for Biennale College 2017 will work with the masters for the entire duration of the Festival: the workshops will last 10 days, preceded by a working session conducted by director Antonio Latella that will involve all the participants.

The results of the Biennale College - Theatre workshops will be presented in a marathon on stage on August 11th and 12th in Sale d’Armi, titled You know I'm No Good. The teachers of the various laboratories have been invited by Latella to focus on a woman artist in the second half of the twentieth century, mysteriously gone missing, looking for something hidden or deliberately kept silent... The purpose is to bring the participants to reflect on how many people have chosen, intentionally and knowingly, to end their artistic career or even their own life.

  • Simone Derai of Anagoor - Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe)
  • Nathalie Béasse - Jean Seberg
  • Franco Visioli and Letizia Russo - Unica Zürn
  • Anna-Sophie Mahler - Aglaja Veteranyi
  • Maria Grazia Cipriani of Teatro del Carretto - Amy Winehouse
  • Katrin Brack - Charlotte Posenenske
  • Suzan Boogaerdt and Bianca Van der Schoot - Lee Lozano.

A workshop led by Roberta Ferraresi will be dedicated to communication strategies related to theatrical criticism.

A section apart from Biennale College - Theatre will be devoted exclusively to the role of directors. Of the 30 directors 5 will be chosen, who on August 10th will have the chance to present the first part of their project at Teatro alle Tese: from here a single director will emerge who, thanks to the prize at stake, will create his performance by defining it and developing it with the support of the Artistic Director Antonio Latella to debut at the 2018 Venice Biennale.

In Venice the Theatre Biennale has become a not-to-be-missed event for both artists and theatre lovers ... not only for the innovative shows that every year it offers, but also because it represents a crossroads of experiences to share, training meetings and exchanges of visions, key ingredients to fully understand the world of theatre and art in general.

The locations of the Biennale Venice theatre events have been confirmed - Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Teatro alle Tese, Sale d’Armi, Tese dei Soppalchi and Sala delle Colonne of Ca 'Giustinian.

The Venice theatre festival is waiting for you from July 25th to August 12th! Shows, meetings and workshops: book now one of our hotels in Venice and immerse yourself in the rich program of the Venice theater festival 2017!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff